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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

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National Rail Passenger Survey Customer Satisfaction

Twice a year, Transport Focus carries out the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS), asking passengers travelling with every UK train company about their experiences on board. This is amalgamated into an overall customer satisfaction score, reported as a percentage of customers who were satisfied with their experience, and published for all to see.

Our current NRPS score (Spring 2020) is 95%.

NRPS Results for Grand Central, Spring 2020

Measure % of satisfied customers
Overall customer satisfaction (NRPS) 95%
Value for money 74%
Train punctuality 92%
Level of crowding 83%
Station satisfaction* 86%
Information provided during delays -**
Accuracy and availability of information 89%
Overall train satisfaction 95%
Consistency of good maintenance on-board 91%
Staff helpfulness 92%
Level of security on trains 88%
Level of security at stations* 78%
Train cleanliness 92%
Station cleanliness* 87%
Toilet availability on-board 72%
Provision of useful information throughout journey 83%


  • *Grand Central does not operate any of our own stations.
  • **Sample size not large enough to return data


  • Historical NRPS scores
    • Date Grand Central NRPS Score
      Autumn 2019 94%
      Spring 2019 89%
      Autumn 2018 94%
      Spring 2018 95%
      Autumn 2017 96%
      Spring 2017 94%
      Autumn 2016 91%
      Spring 2016 96%
      Autumn 2015 93%
      Spring 2015 94%
      Autumn 2014 94%
      Spring 2014 94%
      Autumn 2013 95%
      Spring 2013 93%
      Autumn 2012 96%

Information on delays

You can check if your journey is delayed using our live arrival and departure boards or check for any future planned engineering works that may affect your travel. Network Rail also have a Delays explained section on their website where you can find out more about the common causes of delays - and what we're doing to reduce their frequency and impact.

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