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Food & drink

Order your food at your seat

When we asked our passengers what they wanted from an on-board catering offering, one of the biggest things was the ability to order and pay for their food without leaving their seats. Thanks to our digital Journey Central platform, we're really excited that we've added this feature to all Grand Central trains, giving you a smoother, more comfortable experience.

All you have to do is scan the QR code in front of your seat with your phone, choose what you want from our extensive menu, pay using our secure online platform, and one of our helpful customer service assistants will deliver your food straight to your seat.

What we serve

Whenever possible, we service local, fresh food and drink, from independent companies run by people who love what they do. Perfect when you want to get something delicious on board.

Our buffet service provides a large selection of hot and cold drinks, fresh sandwiches, snacks and sweet treats. We also offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks, crisps, snacks and chocolate.

We serve:

  • Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans – A fabulous premium blend from Italy’s favourite coffee company that combines sweet Brazilian coffee beans and central and South American Coffee beans to make a mild espresso with notes of Honey and dried fruit.
  • Delicious Real Ales from the Little Valley Brewery. Little Valley Brewery sits high on the Pennine moorland of Cragg Vale near to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire.  They brew an inspired range of beers, naturally refreshing and full of good taste.
  • Fresh sandwiches and snacks from Bradford based Tiffin Sandwiches. Tiffin use only freshest, superior quality ingredients, the majority sourced from local businesses, hand made with care.

Please note that these products are not currently available on board our services. The menu below is accurate as of June 2021.

  • On-board menu
    • Product list Price
      Hot drinks
      Yorkshire Tea £2.20
      Earl Grey Tea £2.20
      Green Tea £2.20
      Twinning’s Fruit Tea £2.20
      Taylor's Decaf Tea £2.20
      Kenco Decaf Coffee £2.20
      Kenco Smooth Coffee £2.20
      Americano Coffee £2.55
      Cafe Latte £2.55
      Cappuccino £2.55
      Flat White £2.55
      Mocha £2.55
      Hot Chocolate £2.55
      Cold drinks
      Coke 330ml £1.50
      Diet Coke 330ml £1.20
      Fanta 330ml £1.20
      Still water 500ml £1.20
      Sparkling water 500ml £1.20
      Walkers crisps Ready Salted £1.20
      Walkers crisps Salt and Vinegar £1.20
      Walkers crisps Cheese and Onion £1.20
      Popcorn (gluten-free) £1.20
      KitKat £1.00
      Shortbread fingers £1.00
      Hot food
      Moma Porridge oats £2.50
      Naked Noodle Thai Chilli £2.50
      Naked Noodle Singapore £2.50
      Alcoholic drinks
      Stella Artois £3.60
      Magners Cider £3.50
      Red wine 18.7cl £4.50
      White wine 18.7cl £4.50

Please note that refreshments are subject to availability.