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Seating plan

Grand Central seat

Most Grand Central services are run as sets of five-car Class 180 "Adelante" trains, with some being run in 10-car formation. The seating plan for our trains is available below, letting you find your seat or check where you can store your luggage before you travel. Alternatively, you can download our Adelante 180 seating plan here (PDF) and our Voyager 221 seating plan here (PDF). 

Our Advance tickets automatically come with a seat reservation, however off-peak and anytime tickets may not come with one. In these cases, we recommend that customers make a seat reservation before travelling for the service you intend to travel on. Reservations can be booked by calling us on 0345 603 4852 (opt. 4, then 1).

It is important to note that seat reservations are never guaranteed and are not included in the cost of a ticket. Reservations are complimentary and are subject to the travel conditions on the day. This is an industry standard and not something Grand Central have any influence over.

Priority seats may be reserved where possible on the train, and the priority seats within First Class are un-reservable. This means they are always available for Passengers to use once onboard. We respectfully remind passengers that not all disabilities are visible and to please bear that in mind for those passengers using priority seats. 


Adelante seating plan (to/from London King's Cross)

On the East Coast Mainline we operate Class 180 "Adelante" units, comprising five passenger cars.

Grand Central seating plan

Voyager 221 Seating Plan (to/from London Kings Cross) 

Please find our Voyager 221 Seating plan here.