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Environmental Policy Statement

Grand Central train driving through green area

Based on the fundamental capabilities of rail, our passengers and society in general look to Grand Central and other operators to provide them with an environmentally sensitive solution to their travel needs. We make this a core part of our service proposition and we will work hard to maximise the positive impact of what we can deliver by continually growing ridership on our trains.

However, we will also continue to strive to reduce the environmental impact that our operations generate by continually:

  • Reducing fuel consumption and engine exhaust emissions 
  • Avoiding leaks of fuel, lubricants and effluent from our trains and depots
  • Reducing the waste we generate through our operations wherever possible

The delivery of this approach will be led by the Managing Director and embedded in our culture and businesses processes and will be implemented through the effective engagement of our staff, suppliers and passengers.

We will detail our specific arrangements in our Environmental Management System which follows the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001. This will include measuring our environmental performance to assess our progress towards meeting the targets and objectives we set ourselves. We will work with colleagues in other Arriva businesses and across the rail industry to find, share and implement best practice to continually improve our performance.

Richard McClean, Managing Director.

Environmental Policy

Grand Central Railway Company Limited recognises that environmental management is a fundamental part of our business and we will:

  • Operate within standards required by environmental law
  • Commit to playing our part in achieving the Arriva environmental targets including:
    • Use as little fossil fuel as possible
    • Conserve water by using as little as possible
    • Create less waste and use recyclable materials wherever possible
    • Ensure efficient use of energy in our buildings
  • Consider the environmental impacts of our operations
  • Provide the resources to meet our environmental obligations
  • Consider the sustainability of the services we provide
  • Take steps to meet the environmental expectations of our customers and stakeholders
  • Support industry initiatives to improve environmental performance
  • Comply with other applicable environmental requirements
  • Collaborate on environmental matters with our Suppliers and Contractors

Grand Central Railway Company Limited is committed to continual environmental improvement.  We will produce a five year plan, reviewed annually, setting clear objectives and targets.