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About Grand Central

About Grand Central

Grand Central is an open-access passenger train operator. This means we don't get any sort of help from the government and our only loyalty is to our customers - it's in our interest to give you the best journey possible. We've been connecting London Kings Cross, Yorkshire and the North East since 2007, and our customers consistently rate us as one of the best train companies in the country - in Spring 2020 we were ranked as the best in Britain for customer satisfaction (95%), as well as value for money (74%).

When you choose to travel with Grand Central you choose rail travel as it should be – reliable, relaxing and with exceptional service. You can buy your tickets up to six months in advance of your journey, and save up to 87! We always recommend buying your ticket in advance online, at the station or by phone.

A better way to travel

Grand Central gives you:

  • Convenient station stops
  • Comfortable seats with more legroom
  • Friendly, helpful on board staff
  • Free Wi-Fi*, power points* and room to work
  • Delicious food and drink from local suppliers*
  • The freedom to plan your train travel up to six months in advance

The history of Grand Central

Grand Central reaches the parts of the country other services don’t – directly linking large cities in Yorkshire and the North East with London, often for the first time in years.

Grand Central’s first route was launched in December 2007 and linked London Kings Cross with York and the North East. In May 2010, this was joined by our West Riding service, linking Doncaster, Bradford and West Yorkshire with London - most recently adding Low Moor in 2017.

We call at the smaller stations which other operators might miss, which means we're always looking to be active in the local community, through our various social responsibility programs and helping out local organisations.

We operate an all-Adelante fleet, with our ten high-speed Class 180 trains conveying passengers between our 15 destinations. All of our trains have been refurbished to a high standard since 2017, with leather-edged seating throughout, free on-board Wi-Fi* and on-board catering*.

* Subject to availability

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