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Train ticket discounts

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If travel is a part of your life and budget, then it might be important to you to find the cheapest train ticket options available to you.

Whether you travel frequently for work, or occasionally during the holidays, you could be making big savings on your train journeys when you book with Grand Central.

Are Advance train tickets the cheapest option?

Advance tickets are generally the cheapest train tickets you can buy. So you can get your planning done early, we've made ours available up to 6 months before you travel, and you could save a whopping 80% discount compared to a ticket bought on the day of travel.

The sooner you book your Advance train tickets, the better, as there is only a limited amount available for each Grand Central service.

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Should I book Off-Peak train tickets?

You can book Off-Peak tickets for any Grand Central journey that doesn’t include travel on a Peak service.  Peak services usually take place on early mornings or early evenings as more people are likely to be travelling on these services to and from work.

For even further discounted train tickets, Super Off-Peak tickets are available for specific services that are usually the least busy.

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How can I save money with a Railcard?

If you are eligible for a Railcard, then you could save up to 1/3rd off your train tickets every time you travel. This could amount to hundreds of pounds worth of train ticket discounts if you travel frequently throughout the year.

There are various types of Railcard available depending on your circumstances. These include the 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard, Two Together Railcard, Senior Railcard and Disabled Person Railcard.

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Can I use my student card for cheaper train tickets?

Our Student Central discount program gives students 25% off Grand Central Advance tickets, and it works with Railcards too, meaning you can get up to 50% off travel to and from London!

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