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Off-peak train travel from Grand Central

Off-Peak fares

What is an off-peak ticket?

Off-Peak fares are valid for all journeys to/from London on Grand Central services, excluding our peak services. You can find out more about our peak services on our Train timetables page.

When can I use an off-peak ticket?

Off-peak tickets are available to be used on the majority of Grand Central services, excluding certain early morning and evening services. These are more likely to be busy with more customers travelling on them. See our peak times here.

Peak-time restrictions lifted on Fridays

We’re lowering the cost of Friday peak travel to match our off-peak rates. You'll be able to take advantage of lower costs and quieter trains, for a more comfortable and better value journey.

Super Off-peak

Super Off-peak fares are tickets which are valid for travel only on specific, quiet services. Grand Central do not currently run any Super Off-peak services, however Super Off-peak open return tickets are permitted to be used on the appropriate Off-peak Grand Central services.

When are Grand Central peak train times?

All stops on the following journeys are classed as "peak" when travelling on Grand Central services - for a more detailed breakdown, see peak times here.

Grand Central train service Day Departure time
Sunderland to London Kings Cross (all stops) Mon-Thu 06:43
London Kings Cross to Sunderland (all stops) Mon only 08:27
London Kings Cross to Sunderland (all stops) Mon-Thu 16:48
Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross (all stops) Mon-Thu 06:56
London Kings Cross to Bradford Interchange (all stops) Mon-Thu 16:27

Peak train times

Off-peak tickets are not valid on the following train services. All other services (including weekend services) are off-peak:

  • North East and York
    • Sunderland to London Kings Cross, Mon-Thu
      Sunderland 06:43
      Hartlepool 07:05
      Eaglescliffe 07:35
      Northallerton 07:55
      Thirsk 08:03
      York 08:22
      London Kings Cross (arrive)     10:14
      London Kings Cross to Sunderland, Mon-Thu
      London Kings Cross 16:48
      York 18:43
      Thirsk     19:01
      Northallerton 19:10
      Eaglescliffe 19:28
      Hartlepool 19:53
      Sunderland (arrive) 20:21
  •  West Yorkshire and Doncaster
    • Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross, Mon-Thu
      Bradford Interchange 06:56
      Low Moor 07:02
      Halifax 07:10
      Brighouse 07:20
      Mirfield 07:26
      Wakefield Kirkgate 07:40
      Pontefract Monkhill 07:59
      Doncaster 08:31
      London Kings Cross (arrive) 10:09
    • London Kings Cross to Bradford Interchange, Mon-Thu
      London Kings Cross (arrive) 16:27
      Doncaster 18:04
      Pontefract Monkhill -
      Wakefield Kirkgate 18:31
      Mirfield 18:46
      Brighouse 18:54
      Halifax 19:06
      Low Moor 19:14
      Bradford Interchange 19:21

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