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Making train travel accessible

Accessible travel information

We want everyone who travels with Grand Central to have an enjoyable journey whatever their needs. Our Accessible Travel Policy (PDF) sets out how we are committed to assisting passengers who may find it difficult to access our services. 

Our aim is to deliver an inclusive service so every customer who chooses to travel with Grand Central can do so safely and comfortably. This page has detailed information about the access arrangements at the stations we normally call at, our rolling stock and the commitments we have made to our passengers.

How to book assistance 

When you're booking your train ticket on our website there is a link in the 'Need assistance' section on the Travel options page. Just click on the link and you'll be able to request what help you need and we'll be in touch.

Contact centre - 0345 603 4852 (option 4, open 08:00 - 20:00)

Text Relay - 18001 0344 811 0072 (open 08:00 - 20:00)

Accessible travel policy

Grand Central strives to provide rail services which are truly accessible to all, so that customers can travel in confidence, safe in the knowledge that extra help is available at each stage of their journey, when needed.

Our commitment to helping all customers to travel with confidence includes offering the following:

  • co-ordinating assistance at stations and on our trains, or when making connections
  • alternative accessible transport when stations or trains are inaccessible 
  • clear, consistent and up-to-date customer information 
  • discounts to reduce the cost of travel for disabled people and a companion

Our Accessible Travel Policy (PDF) sets out our policies and approach towards providing assistance for older and disabled customers, and those who simply need some extra help to make their journey.

Our customer leaflet, Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers (PDF) provides a handy summary guide, explaining what we do to assist older and disabled customers who travel with us and the standards of service they can reasonably expect. Please Note - there is a typographical error on page nine concerning discounts available for wheelchair passengers. This discount is only available when using a Disabled Railcard. We will update the PDF as soon as possible. 

Station access

You can access a document outlining facilities at every one of the stations Grand Central calls at, by downloading our Station Facilities document. 

Accessibility of our trains

To ensure accessibility information about our trains is readily available and up-to-date, we publish a summary of general accessibility information for our different train types, and the routes they're normally scheduled to run on. From staff assistance and boarding ramps to wheelchair accessible toilets and priority seating, you can find out more about the accessibility of our trains here (PDF)