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Multi-buy discount tickets

If you’re a regular Grand Central customer, you could save money by using Carnet tickets for your journeys to and from London.

Carnet refunds

Carnet tickets that are completely unused (all ten tickets remaining) can now be refunded. Where some tickets have been used, the validity of remaining tickets can be extended to June 30th 2021. See below for information on claiming refunds.

Why choose a Carnet?

  • Saves money – Grand Central Carnet offers significant savings versus Grand Central Anytime and Off Peak fares. In addition our Carnet tickets offer great value for money compared to other operators’ tickets.
  • Saves time – simply turn up and go with your Carnet tickets, no need to queue at the station.
  • Puts you in control – you decide when to travel within the validity of your Carnet tickets, plus you can share these tickets with colleagues who also travel regularly, giving you complete flexibility and freedom.

How does it work?

  • Carnet tickets are sold as a bundle of 10 single tickets which you can use as and when you need them.
  • Simply fill in the date of travel on the top of the ticket before you travel.
  • Board the train and show your ticket to the Conductor.
  • Then just sit back and relax!

Carnet tickets are not guaranteed reservations automatically - if you wish to reserve a seat on a specific Grand Central service you can do this at any staffed station or by contacting our Customer Relations team on 0345 603 4852 (select option 3 then option 1), subject to availability.

Where can I buy carnet tickets?

  • Through our telesales centre on 0345 603 4852 (select option 2 then option 2) available from 09.30 - 16.30 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. 
  • At any station with a manned ticket office (see below for Grand Central calling points)
  • Through rail-appointed travel agents.

Carnets are sent by First Class post. Please allow at least five working days for delivery.

Carnet prices

Just click on your journey below and we’ll take you to the right section for prices. Stations marked with * are able to retail carnet tickets.

Our North East Line to / from London

*Station able to retail Grand Central carnet tickets.

Our West Yorkshire Line to / from London 

*Station able to retail Grand Central carnet tickets.

  • Please see our Carnet terms and conditions
    • Grand Central Carnets are sold in bundles of 10 individual single trip tickets and are valid for use on Grand Central services ONLY.
    • Carnet tickets can be purchased for travel wholly on either PEAK or OFF-PEAK services.
    • All journeys must originate from or end at London Kings Cross.
    • Each ticket is valid for a single journey on Grand Central services to or from the stations identified on the ticket and is not transferable.
    • Travel can be made in either direction between Sunderland, Hartlepool, Eaglescliffe, Northallerton, Thirsk, York and London Kings Cross or between Bradford Interchange, Halifax, Brighouse, Mirfield, Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontefract Monkhill, Doncaster and London Kings Cross
    • Each ticket is for use on one single journey only. You may not break and resume your journey with a single Carnet ticket.
    • Grand Central Carnet bundles of tickets can be shared amongst more than one person. However, each individual ticket is valid for one passenger making an individual journey.
    • It is the passenger’s responsibility to fill in the date of travel using an ink pen in the boxes provided on the front of the ticket before boarding the train.
    • An undated ticket is not valid and will not be accepted.
    • If the dates are written in pencil, the Carnet ticket is not valid for travel.
    • If the Carnet ticket is used with an incomplete, altered or incorrect date, you will be treated as if no ticket is held and will be required to purchase the appropriate ticket for the journey you are making and the Grand Central Carnet ticket will be withdrawn.
    • A supplement will be charged if you travel on a Grand Central service where the ticket is not valid or in a class of travel where this ticket is not valid.
    • All individual Carnet tickets must be used within six months of the purchase date.
    • No date extensions will be given to unused tickets after the expiry date.
    • No Railcard discounts are available on these products.
    • To be considered for refund all 10 tickets must be present, valid and unused. Refunds cannot be given on expired tickets. The unused Carnet book should be returned to the place it was bought from in order for a refund to be made. For purchases made via our phone line the address is - Chiltern Railways, Business Travel Services, Birmingham Moor Street Station, Moor Street Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7UL.
    • Carnet tickets can be purchased from our telesales centre (0345 603 4852), manned stations or rail appointed travel agents.
    • All Carnet tickets are subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.
    • The appropriate First Class post delivery charge will apply to all posted tickets.