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Information and tickets

Information and tickets

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Provision of travel information during your journey

All Grand Central trains are fitted with both an audio speaker system announcing station and statutory information, as well as LCD displays reading out the same information simultaneously. Additionally, customer information screens and/or help points are available at all stations, and senior conductors will make announcements on board if necessary.

How requests for information are handled at the station

Grand Central do not run any stations, however members of staff from other companies are available at many of our calling points - for information see our page on station facilities.

How information about train schedules, tariffs and platforms is provided

We provide all information about train timetables and fares on our website. This information is additionally available on other train company and third party websites. We provide timetables and information at calling points along our route, and customers can also call our customer relations team on 0345 603 4852 (option 4, then option 1 07:00 - 19:00, Monday to Friday, 09:00-12:30pm Saturday to Sunday).

Ticket-buying facilities

You can purchase Grand Central tickets via our website or app, on-board our trains, via our telesales team on 0345 603 4852 (option 3, then option 1) or at any other location which retails train tickets (including other train company websites and apps). We do not operate any of our own stations, but tickets can be purchased at any staffed station or any station with a ticket vending machine.

Availability of staff at the station for information provision and ticket sales

While we don't operate any of our own stations, we mostly call at staffed stations - the exceptions to this are:

  • Pontefract Monkhill
  • Wakefield Kirkgate
  • Mirfield
  • Brighouse
  • Low Moor

These stations feature ticket-buying facilities via vending machine. All other stations called at by Grand Central are staffed and feature ticket retail facilities.

How information to disabled people and persons with reduced mobility is provided

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