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Cleanliness of trains & station facilities

Cleanliness of trains & station facilities

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Cleaning intervals

Whether you're travelling with us for a shot hop or a longer getaway, we want you to feel comfortable and confident on board our trains, which is why we undertake rigorous cleaning procedures. We have three types of cleaning regimens for our trains, from least to most intensive:

  • In-transit cleaners travel and clean on select services, performing ad-hoc cleaning as the train is in motion.
  • Turnaround cleans are undertaken once a day when a train reaches its terminus, including deeper toilet cleans and rubbish collection.
  • Heavy cleans are carried out regularly, with the whole fleet deep cleaned every eight weeks.

Air quality

As Grand Central does not operate any stations, we do not measure this.

The air filters on our trains are renewed appoximately every 60 days as part of their regular maintenance schedule.

Toilet availability

All Grand Central carriages are fitted with a retention toilet (meaning we don't vent waste onto the tracks), while Coach F has a larger, accessible toilet for passengers with reduced mobility.

If the accessible toilet is not available on a particular service, this information will be provided to stations, so passengers requiring them may be informed. This information will also be provided when two or more non-accessible toilets are out of use.

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