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You can purchase a Flexi Season ticket on your chosen retailer’s website or mobile app (Grand Central does not currently offer this functionality), or you can register for one at some ticket offices. Flexi Season tickets will be available as either a Smartcard or Barcode ticket – check with your train operator to see what they offer.

Smartcard - If you have a Smartcard, you can buy your Flexi Season ticket online and add it to your Smartcard when you get to the station by ‘touching in’ on the yellow reader on the gate, platform validator, or in some cases the self-service ticket machine. Make sure you do this before you travel.

If you don’t have a Smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel - they can take up to 5 days to arrive by post.

Barcode – You can buy a Flexi Season ticket as a Barcode ticket (where available) via your retailer’s website or app. This will either be delivered as a pdf document attached to an email, which can be stored in your phone wallet, or it will be delivered to your app and stored there.