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The Grand Central Station Ambassador Programme was piloted in the North East at Hartlepool and Eaglescliffe stations before being launched in Brighouse in 2014.

Now more than 80 volunteer station ambassadors work with us to respond to passenger queries and provide them with a friendly welcome to the towns along our North East and West Riding routes.

Our ambassadors man stations on a Sunday, talking to passengers, answering any questions and assisting with problems. The ambassadors also work on ensuring people coming into the stations get the best from the destinations.

Our ambassador coordinator Paul Stevenson, says,

Volunteering on the railway gives our ambassadors a sense of belonging both to the company and the locality. They are doing something towards a green agenda, encouraging rail travel and because Grand Central’s reputation is good they can take pride in being part of an industry leader.

The scheme’s purpose was originally to engage with local communities through a scheme that filled the gap in staff presence at stations on Sundays. However, as that network has grown we have realised that the ambassadors are a great way to keep our eyes and ears open to all things local. We love having highly committed, passionate and knowledgeable champions who fly the flag for our communities, ensuring visitors return.

Meet the Ambassadors

Adrian Craig

"You get a couple of old people with heavy cases and they’re very appreciative of your help…

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Andrew Whitmore

"We get a lot of feedback from the passengers"

Andrew Whitmore from Ingleby…

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Anne Cass

"People really appreciate it if there’s a problem"

Retired teacher Anne Cass…

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Bryan Keddie

"Being an ambassador, I really feel like I’m part of Grand Central"


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Caroline Young

"It’s great to be able to make a difference"

Our ambassadors don’t just help…

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Christopher Purser

"The feedback indicates that we are really doing something that’s valued by the public"…

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Colin Griffiths

"This gives the passengers the confidence that Grand Central is here to support them"

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David Duncan

"I feel I’m really doing something worthwhile"

Former building society worker…

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David Richardson

"Grand Central is a different sort of rail operator"

Training manager David…

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Martin Green

"We are just ‘the railway’ for a lot of people"

Retired radiation physicist…

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Richard Armitage

"I enjoy meeting and greeting people and helping them, whether it’s to get to the right…

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