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Standalone QTT

Bryan Keddie

Ambassador at Northallerton

Bryan Keddie with his friend Smash and father

"Being an ambassador, I really feel like I’m part of Grand Central"

Retired, part-time driver Bryan has been with Northallerton ambassadors ever since the scheme kicked off and has become a familiar face on the platform. “I’m a real people person even though I don’t like to talk much,” Bryan says, and it’s this love of helping that ensures he’s a great Grand Central representative.

On a typical day, Bryan will arrive around 30 minutes before the first train, signing in at the ticket office and carrying out a platform inspection. “Then when the first train comes in we position ourselves, ready to help anyone who needs it.”

“Being an ambassador, I really feel like I’m part of Grand Central,” says Bryan, who stays between trains offering his help to anyone who needs it – even other rail companies: “They might become Grand Central passengers one day,” he laughs.

For Bryan, one of the best things about being an ambassador has been his friendship with Smash, a pal he’s made since becoming a volunteer. “He and his dad come up every Sunday I’m on duty. It’s friends forever for us."