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3 ways to cut back on your weekday spending

Wallet in pocket

Is it just us or does the last payday seem like a very long time ago? Due to the impact that December tends to have on our bank balances, January often seems like a good time to re-evaluate our budgets and look for ways to cut back spending where we can.

Saving and budgeting don’t have to be boring tasks. It’s just about finding those things that cut into your bank balance that are perhaps unnecessary or that could be done in a more cost-effective way.

So, to start you off on the right track, here we have a few simple suggestions to save pennies and pounds on your average weekday spend. After all, you could put the money you are saving towards an exciting travel experience or something you’ve been dreaming of doing for ages!

Make your own

A recent study found that on average, people spend £303 on take-away coffees every year. Just think what else you could do with that money if you bought a re-usable coffee cup and made your own brew each morning. Although it seems like a nice treat at the time, if stopping by at the café, deli or coffee bar on the walk to work is part of your regular routine, it could be taking a huge chunk out of your bank balance.

While we’re on this topic, why not make your own packed lunches too? Not only will a home-prepared lunch probably be much healthier for you than a packaged sandwich or a greasy sausage roll, but it will also be much more cost-effective too. If time is a struggle for you each morning, then bulk-make a batch of soup or lasagne on a Sunday evening and take portions to work with you to work each day to warm up in the microwave.

Save on train travel

 If train travel is a frequent part of your weekly commute, then it’s time to evaluate whether you are booking the most cost-efficient ticket for your journey.

Are you buying your train tickets in advance to save up to 84%? Is there a Railcard that you are eligible for that could save you a 1/3rd off each journey? Or, could you save money using Carnet tickets for your train journeys to and from London if you do the same route frequently?

With a little research and some help from the Grand Central ticket pages, you can hopefully book discounted train tickets that fit in with your weekly routine.

Exercise for free

 Is that gym membership cutting into your savings? If so, maybe it’s time to take your exercise regime into your own hands in 2020.

We are lucky that we live in an age where we have access to a wealth of fitness apps, which are available to download for free, as well as YouTube videos that offer fantastic workouts, motivational advice and nutritional guides too. From yoga flows to HIIT sessions, you can choose a workout and an instructor that works for you – there is certainly a lot of choice out there.   

Plus, once the mornings and evenings begin to get lighter, why not take a power walk or gentle jog around your local park? Not only is this great for your cardio fitness, but it’s also absolutely free too! Many towns also host a free weekly Parkrun, so you can get together with like-minded people to exercise in a group environment for that extra social and motivational element that you might be missing from the gym.

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