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National Literacy Trust

We have been supporting the National Literacy Trust since 2015.

The National Literacy Trust (NLT) is an independent charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged children the literacy skills they need to succeed.

The charity helps more than 6,500 schools and early years setting to deliver outstanding literacy provision and supports families who need help most by reaching out to communities where literacy is entrenched and intergenerational. The trust currently has five national hubs in Middlesbrough, Bradford, Peterborough, Stoke-on-Trent, Swindon and Nottingham.

Since we started working with NLT we have provided annual passes to allow trust staff to visit Middlesbrough and Bradford Hubs, we’ve laid on literary-themed train carriages and provided free travel for competition winners. We’ve also been known to dress up as Where’s Wally and cavort around King’s Cross station in the name of literacy.

GC & The NLT