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Working with Grand Central

Here at Grand Central, we encourage the formation of strong working relationships with our suppliers, as well as our customers and our employees. We grow our business by listening and supporting the businesses we work with. The information published here is part of that commitment to improving relationships and will help you to develop an accurate idea of how Grand Central operates as well as our vision for the future.

Purchase Orders (POs)

The use of Purchase Orders for supplying goods and services to Grand Central is an integral part of our business process. In addition to being a legal document a Purchase Order also provides clarity to both parties concerned. Therefore, Grand Central does not accept any liabilities for work undertaken without the express authority given through the issue of a Purchase Order.

A supplier should receive a 7-digit Purchase Order number, starting with the digit "5", before work commences or goods are delivered.

When a Purchase Order has been received by a supplier it should be checked to ensure it represents the goods or services that have been agreed with the price and terms expected. Any missing or incorrect details should be immediately notified to the Grand Central contact so that a revised Purchase Order can be issued and the goods or services supplied.

You can assist your Grand Central customer by clearly stating what description to use on the Purchase Order, including any codes, product numbers, job references and any breakdown by line items; particularly if there is going to be multiple invoices against a single Purchase Order.

Invoices and Accounts Payable (AP)

All invoices are date stamped on receipt and loaded to our designated P2P system (Oracle) on arrival. However, if there is a discrepancy then the invoice, along with a cover note explaining the problem, will be sent immediately back to the supplier. You must then correct any incorrect detail on the invoice, issue a Credit Note and/or contact the originator (your Grand Central contact) to amend the Purchase Order itself before returning the invoice for payment.

Our Accounts Payable (AP) team work with a large volume of invoices. If you have a discrepancy between the Purchase Order and your Invoice details then you are asked to contact the named individual on the Purchase Order or your Grand Central customer for assistance before you contact AP.
AP will return any incorrect invoices to the contact details on the invoice. If you would like these sent to an alternative contact then please make sure this is highlighted on the invoice.

Please make sure all invoices are addressed to “Grand Central Railway Ltd” and not Grand Central Ltd.

Incorrectly submitted invoices can result in delays to payment with the most common problems that can be avoided including:

  • The Purchase Order (number) quoted is fully billed and is no longer valid;
  • The Invoice does not balance with the value on the Purchase Order;
  • The Invoice does not balance with the quantity ordered on the Purchase Order;
  • The Grand Central Railway Ltd name and address is incorrect;
  • The VAT has been incorrectly calculated.

Continuous improvement challenge

How can we improve?

What procedures can benefit you or our customers?

If you have any examples or ideas then we are keen to discuss ways to make this happen. Please send any suggestion you may have to [email protected]