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Trains from Brighouse to London

If you are travelling from Brighouse to the capital, we can help you book your train tickets with complete ease.

Whether you are heading down south to see a West End show or to meet up with business associates, train travel is the best option to get you there.

What is the average journey time from Brighouse to London?

Grand Central offers direct services from Brighouse station to London King’s Cross Station, which take around 2 hours and 38 minutes. Journey times do vary slightly, however, and may take longer depending on when you choose to travel. Journeys taken over the weekend or on Bank Holidays can often take a little longer.

If there are no direct services that suit your departure time, there are also other options with changes at Leeds station or Huddersfield station, which you can book directly via Grand Central. When viewing your journey online, you will see all Grand Central services are marked with the symbol.

You can check out all the journey options available via our online train timetables.

What is the distance between Brighouse and London?

The distance between Brighouse and London is approximately 166 miles, depending on what route you are taking.

What train ticket do I need from Brighouse to London?

When it comes to choosing the best train ticket for you, there are various options available depending on when you want to travel and who will be travelling with you.

Often it will be much cheaper if you book an Advance ticket for your journey rather than purchasing it on the day of travel, and if you have any special requirements then it’s best to arrange them before you go.

If you want a one-way ticket to London, then you will need a Single ticket, but if you plan to travel back up to West Yorkshire, then a Return ticket might be better for you. Explanations of all the ticket types available can be found here.

If you have a Railcard or are travelling in a group, there may be further discounts available for your journey. 

How do I book tickets from Brighouse to London?

When you are ready to book your train tickets to London, you can head straight over to our online booking platform, where you will be able to enter all your journey requirements. If you want to book a return trip back to Brighouse form London, then you will able to do this here too.

  • Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross
    •          Peak services (except Fridays)
               Trains not calling at Pontefract Monkhill
    • Monday - Friday
      Bradford Interchange 06:56 07:56 10:22 14:50
      Low Moor 07:02 08:02 10:28 14:56
      Halifax 07:10 08:10 10:36 15:03
      Brighouse 07:20 08:24 10:47 15:17
      Mirfield 07:26 08:32 10:54 15:24
      Wakefield Kirkgate 07:40 08:55 11:14 15:39
      Pontefract Monkhill 07:59      - 11:34 15:55
      Doncaster 08:31 09:30 12:03 16:22
      London Kings Cross (arrive) 10:09 11:14 13:44 18:08
    • Saturday
      Bradford Interchange 06:55 08:44 10:22 15:23
      Low Moor 07:02 08:50 10:28 15:29
      Halifax 07:10 08:57 10:36 15:36
      Brighouse 07:20 09:13 10:47 15:48
      Mirfield 07:27 09:20 10:55 15:56
      Wakefield Kirkgate 07:40 09:40 11:14 16:16
      Pontefract Monkhill 07:59 09:57 11:32 16:33
      Doncaster 08:33 10:23 12:04 17:08
      London Kings Cross (arrive) 10:07 11:58 13:44 18:47
    • Sunday
      Bradford Interchange 07:57 12:09 15:08 15:59
      Low Moor 08:04 12:15 15:14 16:05
      Halifax 08:11 12:22 15:21 16:12
      Brighouse 08:21 12:32 15:36 16:22
      Mirfield 08:29 12:39 15:43 16:30
      Wakefield Kirkgate 08:46 12:56 16:02 16:44
      Pontefract Monkhill       -      -      -       -
      Doncaster 09:11 13:21 16:27 17:13
      London Kings Cross (arrive) 10:40 14:53 17:58 18:44
    • One-way system in operation at London King's Cross
      Please be aware that due to COVID-19 restrictions, a one-way system is in operation at London King's Cross station. Please allow additional time for transfers when travelling to or from the station, particularly when using the London Underground.