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Top Tips for Long Train Journeys

Top Tips for Long Train Journeys

Top tips for long train journeys

If you're heading on a long train journey soon, you may be wondering how you're going to spend your time, especially if you're travelling solo.

Long train rides can give you the opportunity to relax and switch off, doing things that you wouldn't usually have time for. That's why we've listed some of our favourite long train journey tips to make the ride that little bit less daunting. 

Get comfortable

There's nothing worse than sitting in tight clothes for hours on end. To make your travel experience that little bit easier, wear something that you feel most comfortable in. That way, you won't end up fidgeting around to get comfy or feeling too hot or cold throughout the journey.

Consider bringing a travel pillow with you to rest your head, and if you're lucky enough to bag a window seat, you'll be able to watch the scenery go by, which can help you feel more relaxed.

Read a book

Reading is a favourite amongst commuters, as we often don't get the time to curl up with a good page-turner. Have a little bit of 'me time' as you finally have the chance to be free from any distractions or interruptions.

If you regularly travel on the train, perhaps the route is feeling a little repetitive. Having a book to dive into can take you away from life's realities, offering the perfect chance to lose yourself in the stories of other characters.

So, bring along that book you've been meaning to start, as a long journey is a perfect time to get stuck into it.

Put on headphones

Listening to your favourite music can help you feel relaxed and at your happiest whilst you're travelling. Perhaps you want to listen to that new album your favourite artist has just released, or you'd prefer a fun throwback playlist to make the journey more bearable.

If you find it difficult to read whilst travelling, you could listen to a podcast or an audiobook. Whether you want to feel inspired, educated or just want to have a giggle, there's something out there for everyone.

Watch a film or series

There's never been a perfect time to catch up on all the programmes you've missed recently. Pick up where you left off or start a brand-new series that you've been meaning to watch – long train rights are an ideal time to sit back, relax and binge-watch.

If you're a film fanatic, why not watch your favourite film to kill some time? Our trains provide free onboard Wi-Fi for all of your entertainment needs. Download your chosen film whilst connected to Wi-Fi to save your mobile data and reduce the likelihood of any buffering, just in case you lose signal.

Play games

If you're fortunate enough to be travelling with a group on your long trip, whether it's with family or friends, why not bring some board games along?

Whether you enjoy Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or something playable with just a standard pack of cards, there are plenty of games to enjoy on board. If you're travelling with children, it can be hard to know what to do on the train whilst keeping everyone entertained. Even simple games such as I Spy, charades and word searches can also do the trick.

For those travelling in a group of 10 or more passengers, our Group Travel tickets will help to find you the best value tickets available. We will always do our best to accommodate all specific requirements and requests.

When booking your train tickets, there are lots of ways to get great deals on the price of your fare. At Grand Central, we offer several ticket offers, including Advance tickets, student discounts and no booking fees. Book online with us today.

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