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All you need to know about the UCI Road World Championships 2019

Cyclists in Yorkshire, credit

If you live in Yorkshire, then chances are you will be aware that this weekend, the spa town of Harrogate will open its welcoming arms as the host of the UCI Road World Championships 2019.

All you cycling fanatics out there might be clued up on the ins and outs of the event, but for everyone else, we have compiled an easy-to-digest guide to help get you through the festivities of the event, should you wish to partake…

What are the UCI Road World Championships?

Put simply, the UCI Road World Championships are the cycling world equivalent to the World Cup! Riders from each nation will compete in the race, with the hope of winning the World Champion jersey – the Rainbow Stripes.

The Championships include men’s and women’s races, across three age groups: Junior (age 17-18), Under 23 and Elite.

When and where are the Championships taking place?

The 2019 event will take places from 22-29 September in Yorkshire. There will be a series of one-day races, each one finishing in the same location – Harrogate.

The races will all start in different places – from Beverley to Ripon, Northallerton, Richmond, Bradford, Leeds and Doncaster.

The winner of that day’s race will be named the World Champion for that particular cycling discipline and age category.

Will there be any famous riders competing?

Definitely! The world’s very best cyclists compete in the UCI Road World Championships, so you can expect to see the elite crowd here.

Over 2.6 million people are expected to come out and watch the races, so make sure you start planning your visit so you don’t miss the action. 

Where is the best place to watch the races from?

If you want to be a spectator at any of the races, then you are able to join any of the routes to catch a glimpse of the cycling speed-demons. The details of all the routes are published in an easy-to-follow timetable, published on the Yorkshire 2019 website, so you can plan which you want to attend.

The starting, finishing and climb locations will be the most popular, so if you want to soak in the atmosphere to its full potential, then head there to join in the celebrations.

Every race will also be televised live on the BBC, so you can watch at home too.

What is happening in Harrogate during the event?

As proud host of the event, there will be lots of activity happening in the town of Harrogate. From special events hosted by cycling brands to themed nights in pubs and restaurants – everyone is getting involved.

There will be a Fan Zone erected on the Stray, which is free to enter. Here you will find a viewing platform, hospitality suites, drinking areas, a big wheel and a kid’s zone. The first weekend is especially family friendly, with a wide range of added entertainment being aimed specifically at children.

There will also be free live music events happening, with acts such as Jarvis Cocker, The Pigeon Detectives and The Feeling performing for spectators over the weekend.

The town is expected to be extremely busy during the event, therefore, please check the travel advice given so you can plan your travel accordingly. Train travel might be a very sensible idea if you are visiting from London or the South as the roads and parking options are guaranteed to be heavily congested.

However you choose to watch or celebrate the UCI Road World Championships 2019, we hope you enjoy all the festivities, and we wish all the competitors the very best of luck!

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