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London Paddington Train Station

What are London Paddington train station's opening hours?

London Paddington station opening hours are:

no information

Ticket office opening hours:

Saturday - 06:10 to 22:15
Sunday - 07:00 to 22:15

London Paddington

London Paddington station
Praed Street
Greater London
W2 1HQ


Ticket office opening hours:

Saturday - 06:10 to 22:15
Sunday - 07:00 to 22:15

  • YES Waiting room
  • YES Ticket machine
  • YES Toilet
  • YES Impaired Access Staff

Station facilities

  • Accessibility
    • Accessible Public Telephones YES Yes
    • Accessible Taxis No
    • First Class Lounge YES Yes
    • Help Points YES Yes
    • Impaired Accessible Booking Office Counter No
    • Impared Access Staff YES Yes
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate YES Yes
    • Impaired Accessible Ticket Machines YES Yes
    • Induction Loop No
    • Impaired Mobility Set Down YES Yes
    • National Key Toilets YES Yes
    • Ramp for Train Access YES Yes
    • Wheel chairs Available YES Yes
    • Impaired Access Staff Help Hours Monday - Sunday - open 24h
    • Accessible Taxis

      All London Black Cabs can accommodate wheelchair passengers without wheelchair users having to leave their wheelchair. There is also a separate collection point for prebooked taxis also further away from the lifts.

    • Helpline
    • Helpline Contact Details

      If you wish to book assistance but are not sure which train operator you are travelling with, you can call 0800 022 3720. On calling, you will be referred to the appropriate train operator.

    • Helpline Contact URL
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate

      Platforms 1, 8 & 9 don't have ticket gates but all gates are wide have access

    • Impared Mobility Set Down

      There is a staffed drop-off point at the Taxi Deck above Platform 12.

      Mobility assistance is available from this point. It is preferred if this assistance is booked in advance on 0800 197 1329.

      Opening Times

      Monday - Friday 07:00 - 23:00

      Saturday & Sunday 07:00 - 23:00.

    • National Key Toilets

      Accessible toilets are located on Platforms 1 and 12.

    • Step Free Access

      Disabled passengers can access all areas of the station via lifts and escalators. There is level access to all platforms including access to the London Underground via lifts and escalators.

      All exits in the station are able to be accessed by disabled passengers.

      Coverage: whole Station
    • Step Free Access Coverage Whole Station
    • Staff Help

      Assistance is available to and from platforms. Please contact customer services of the appropriate train operator, 48 hours in advance: Great Western Railway - 0800 197 1329 Heathrow Express - 0208 757 2700.

      Our Passenger Assistance meeting point is in our station reception area by Platform 1 and is open 7 days a week from 07:00 - 23:00. From 23:00 - 07:00, passengers requiring assistance can call the Shift Station Manager on 07799 337435. The meeting point for Passenger Assist during these hours will be on Platform 1 outside the Passenger Assist / Station Reception and The Taxi Rank area.

      There are information and help points phones throughout the station, including platforms and Taxi ranks. They are large circular White and Yellow phones.

  • Airport
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note Heathrow Express service from Plat 6/7, Heathrow Connect service from Plat 12.
  • Baggage Services
    • Left Luggage: Available YES Yes
    • Left Luggage: Phone Phone number: 020 3468 4709

      Operator Name: Excess Baggage Company
    • Left Luggage: URL
  • Bus information
    • Bus Service: Availability YES Yes
    • Bus Service: Note Buses can be found on near by streets. All Transport for London buses are accessible by step free access. More information about Transport for London buses can be found here ( ( All Transport for London bus routes are served by low-floor vehicles, with a dedicated wheelchair space and an access ramp. They can also kneel to reduce the step-up from the pavement. More info can be found on Transport for Londons website here ( ( (
  • Cycle Storage
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Closed Circuit TV YES Yes
    • Cycle Hire: Note There are Santander hire cycles available near this station. 
    • Location

      On platform 8/9 and 10

    • Note

      Spaces are available on platforms 8, 9, 10 & 11 for all station users.

    • Sheltered YES Yes
    • Spaces 682
    • Type
  • Dining and Shopping
    • Dining & Shopping: Shops YES Yes
    • Dining & Shopping: Station Buffet YES Yes
  • Phones, Internet & Wi-fi
    • Station Amenities: Telephone YES Yes
    • Station Amenities: Wi-Fi Find WiFi Hotspots around London Paddington station (
    • Telephone: Usage Type Cards And Coins
  • Parking
    • Car Parking Details Phone number: 0345 165 2030

      Car Park
      Paddington Station
      W2 6AA

      Operator Name: A P C O A Parking ( U K) Limited
      Name: Station Car Park
      Spaces: 152
      Number Accessible Spaces: 7
      Accessible Spaces Note:

      Parking is chargeable for all vehicles

      Accessible Car Park Equipment: Yes
      Cctv: Yes
      Monday - Friday - open 24h
      Saturday - open 24h
      Sunday - open 24h
  • Priority Lounge Information
    • First Class Lounge: Note


      Platform 1.

      Tickets Accepted

      All First Class.


      The First Class lounge offers the choice of a modern, comfortable bar area or the traditional, Victorian feel lounge.

      The modern extension has armchairs and tables with a bar offering complimentary refreshments. It also has workstations with access to the Internet.

      There is a large screen TVs showing Sky News and also a departures board showing train times.

      The Victorian lounge offers old world splendour and comfort, with large armchairs and soft lighting, making it the perfect area to relax.

      There is also a pre-bookable conference room which can seat up to eight people. Call 0207 313 1109 for more information.


      Bar offering complimentary refreshments.





      Concessions for Standard Class sleeper customers


  • Restrooms
    • Toilets YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Toilets Note

      Accessible toilets are located on Platforms' 1 and 12.

      A Changing Places facility is located on Platform 12.

      There are dedicated breastfeeding rooms / Parent & Baby rooms;

      • within the Ladies toilets on Platform 1 
      • within the public toilets on Platform 12.
  • Station Location & Directions
    • Latitude 51.51645141
    • Longitude -0.176844743
  • Station Seating Areas
    • First Class Lounge Hours Monday - Friday - 05:00 to 23:30
      Saturday - 05:00 to 21:00
      Sunday - 10:00 to 23:30
  • Station Information
    • ATM YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Bureau De Change No
    • Lost Property YES Yes
    • Post Box No
    • Shops YES Yes
    • Seated Area YES Yes
    • Station Buffet YES Yes
    • Showers YES Yes
    • Trolley YES Yes
    • Wifi YES Yes
    • Waiting Room YES Yes
    • Lost Property Phone number: 0330 024 0215

      Operator Name: Excess Baggage Company
    • Lost Property: URL
    • Customer Service Note Please call our Customer Services Centre on 03457 000 125 (07:00-22:00 every day)
    • Information Systems DepartureScreensAnnouncementsArrivalScreens
    • Lost Property Number 0330 024 0215
    • Staffing Level YES Yes
  • Subway/transit
    • Metro: Availability YES Yes
    • Metro: Note Tube Lines.
  • Ticketing Hours
    • Ticket Office Hours Saturday - 06:10 to 22:15
      Sunday - 07:00 to 22:15
  • Ticketing Services & Information
    • Oyster Pre-Pay YES Yes
    • Pre-Purchase Collection YES Yes
    • Ticket Machine YES Yes
    • Penalty Fares NR
    • Smartcard Notes Smartcard Issued: No
      Smartcard Validator: No
  • Taxi Information
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note The taxi deck is now situated above Platform 12 and is accessed via the concourse and platform 12, which has escalators and lifts to the upper level for a new covered marshalled taxi rank. A queuing system is in operation.  There is also a separate collection point for pre-booked taxis
  • Other transportation
    • Cycle Hire YES Yes
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