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London Bridge Train Station

What are London Bridge train station's opening hours?

London Bridge station opening hours are:

no information

Ticket office opening hours:

Monday - Friday - 04:45 to 01:00
Saturday - 04:45 to 01:00
Sunday - 05:25 to 01:00

London Bridge

London Bridge station
Tooley Street / St Thomas Street
Greater London


Ticket office opening hours:

Monday - Friday - 04:45 to 01:00
Saturday - 04:45 to 01:00
Sunday - 05:25 to 01:00

  • NO Waiting room
  • YES Ticket machine
  • YES Toilet
  • YES Impaired Access Staff

Station facilities

  • Accessibility
    • Accessible Public Telephones No
    • Accessible Taxis No
    • First Class Lounge No
    • Help Points YES Yes
    • Impaired Accessible Booking Office Counter YES Yes
    • Impared Access Staff YES Yes
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate YES Yes
    • Impaired Accessible Ticket Machines No
    • Induction Loop No
    • Impaired Mobility Set Down YES Yes
    • National Key Toilets YES Yes
    • Ramp for Train Access YES Yes
    • Wheel chairs Available YES Yes
    • Impaired Access Staff Help Hours Monday - Sunday - 04:00 to 01:00
    • Accessible Taxis

      Taxis with ramps.

      There is usually one available on the rank, but if not one can be ordered through taxi drivers or by phoning Computer Cabs and specifying a taxi equipped to take wheelchairs. Tel 020 7432 1404

    • Accesible Ticket Machine

      All machines are too high for wheelchair users. Staff assistance is available.

    • Customer Help Point These are available on the main concourse.
    • Helpline No
    • Helpline Contact Details

      If you wish to book assistance but are not sure which train operator you are travelling with, you can call 0800 022 3720. On calling, you will be referred to the appropriate train operator.

    • Helpline Contact URL
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate


    • Impared Mobility Set Down

      Please contact customer services of the appropriate train operator or speak to a member of the station team who will be able to assist:

      - Southern: 0800 138 1016 (textphone 0800 138 1018)- Southeastern: 0800 783 4524 (textphone 0800 783 4548)- Thameslink: 0800 058 2844 (textphone 0800 975 1052)

    • Step Free Access

      This is a Category A station. This station has step-free level access to all platforms via lifts.

      The Assistance Meeting Point varies - please check with your operator.

      Coverage: whole Station
    • Step Free Access Coverage Whole Station
    • Staff Help

      By booking through disabled travel or contacting any member of staff

      Monday-Saturday 04:00-01:00Sunday 06:00-01:00

  • Airport
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note Direct connections for Gatwick Airport.
  • Baggage Services
    • Left Luggage: Available YES Yes
    • Left Luggage: URL
  • Bus information
    • Bus Service: Availability YES Yes
    • Bus Service: Note The Bus Station is located directly outside the main entrance at upper level. There are also bus stops outside on Tooley Street.For further information on buses, a bus information kiosk is also located outside the main doors of the station at upper level.
  • Cycle Storage
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Closed Circuit TV YES Yes
    • Cycle Hire: Note Cycle hire is not available within the station. However it is available within close proximity to the station at Duke Street Hill.
    • Location

      Located in Station Approach.

    • Sheltered YES Yes
    • Spaces 200
    • Type Stands
  • Dining and Shopping
    • Dining & Shopping: Shops YES Yes
    • Dining & Shopping: Station Buffet YES Yes
  • Mail and Express Services
    • Post Box: Note

      Post Office located nearby

  • Phones, Internet & Wi-fi
    • Station Amenities: Telephone No
    • Web Kiosk Hours EVERYDAY
      04:00:00 - 01:00:00
    • Station Amenities: Wi-Fi arriving  2018
    • Telephone: Usage Type Cards And Coins
  • Parking
    • Car Hire: Note There are no car hire facilities at the station .
  • Rental Car
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note There are no car hire facilities at the station .
  • Restrooms
    • Toilets YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Toilets Note

      The toilets can be located on the lower concourse.

      A Changing Place facility is available for use by disabled passengers in London Bridge. The space has a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, hoist, shower facility, extra wide rolls of paper, and non-slip floors.

      The facility is located on the on the upper concourse and can be accessed from an accessible lift on the lower concourse, at street level or via a lift on the London Underground. 

      If you, or a passenger you are accompanying, requires use of the Changing Place room, please speak to a member of staff, contact our control centre on 02072341108 or press one of our assistance help points throughout the station so we can help you gain access.

      Changing Places is a campaign on behalf of people who are unable to use standard accessible toilets and are usually more spacious, fitted with advanced equipment and provide the user with a private, comfortable and hygienic space.

  • Station Location & Directions
    • Latitude 51.50509647
    • Longitude -0.085060385
  • Station Seating Areas
    • Seated Area: Note

      Seating areas are available station wide.

  • Station Information
    • ATM YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Bureau De Change No
    • Lost Property YES Yes
    • Post Box No
    • Shops YES Yes
    • Seated Area YES Yes
    • Station Buffet YES Yes
    • Showers No
    • Trolley No
    • Wifi YES Yes
    • Waiting Room No
    • Lost Property Phone number: 0203 4684714

      Operator Name: Managed by the Left Luggage unit who can be contacted on 0203 4684714
    • Lost Property: URL
    • Customer Service Note Monday-Friday 08:00-21:00   Saturday 10:00-18:00   Sunday 10:00-18:00  
    • Information Systems DepartureScreensAnnouncementsArrivalScreens
    • Lost Property Number 0203 4684714
    • Staffing Level YES Yes
  • Subway/transit
    • Metro: Availability YES Yes
    • Metro: Note For North and North East Kent and South East London
  • Ticketing Hours
    • Ticket Office Hours Monday - Friday - 04:45 to 01:00
      Saturday - 04:45 to 01:00
      Sunday - 05:25 to 01:00
  • Ticketing Services & Information
    • Oyster Pre-Pay YES Yes
    • Pre-Purchase Collection YES Yes
    • Ticket Machine YES Yes
    • Customer Service Note line-height: 17.01px; font-feature-settings: normal; font-language-override: normal; font-kerning: auto; font-synthesis: weight style; display: inline ! important; The ticket office is located on the lower concourse.
    • Oyster Notes

      Oyster cards with a pre-loaded deposit only are available from ticket office. Top-up only from self-service ticket machine(s)

    • Penalty Fares NR
    • Smartcard Notes Smartcard Issued: No
      Smartcard Validator: Yes

       Southern's smartcard is called 'the key'.  To apply online, go to or pick up an application form from a Southern ticket office.

  • Taxi Information
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note Taxis are available from the taxi rank outside the main doors at the front of the station at upper level. Alternative taxi facilities are situated on Bermondsey Street at the junction with Tooley Street.
  • Other transportation
    • Cycle Hire YES Yes
    • Port YES Yes
    • Port Connections for Dover Priory
    • Rail Replacement Services

      Replacement bus services are usually found at the Bus Station on London Bridge Street (Bus stop D).

      However this is sometimes subject to change. Please check engineering posters or consult a member of staff.

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