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Although Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak times will vary by both the train operator and route, the times generally fit within the timelines listed below:


  • Not valid on weekdays before 09.30
  • Not valid early evening (between 15.30 to 19.15) from major cities
  • Valid on all trains at weekends and on public holidays

Super Off-peak

  • Not valid on weekdays before 10.00
  • Not valid early evening (between 16.00 to 18.00) from major cities

There are two ways to find out if Off-peak tickets are valid on a particular route:

  • Search for the journey online: Off-peak and Super Off-peak tickets are not limited in quantity so they will be listed in the search results for all journeys they are valid on.
  • Contact the Train Operating Company directly - they will have the most up to date information.