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Refunds are obtained from the point of sale and you are therefore required to contact them for a refund.

  • If you purchased your tickets from the Grand Central website, the quickest way to get a refund is to log into “My account”, check that the ticket you require is valid for a refund, and click the refund button next to it.
    This will start a process which will refund the value of the ticket back to the card that you purchased the ticket with.
  • If you purchased your tickets at a railway station return them to the ticket office.
  • If you purchased your tickets from a third party (eg. The Trainline) follow their refund process.
  • If you purchased your tickets over the phone return them to the Journeycall address.

If you require any further assistance then please contact our ticket sales team on 0345 603 4852 (option 3, then option 1)

If your train is cancelled due to disruption which is Grand Central's fault and you decide not to travel on provided alternative arrangements, we will not charge you to get a refund, even if you have an Advance ticket.

What reason do I need to refund a ticket?

Providing the terms and conditions of your ticket permit a refund then you do not need to give a reason for cancelling your ticket.