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Tips for Travelling with Children

Children Travelling

Tips for travelling with children

Planning a day out with the kids during half-term? Travelling on the train with children in tow doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect – it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy spending quality time with the kids!

However, we've listed a few of our top tips just to make the train ride that little bit easier.

Arrive early

Arriving at the station in good time will ensure you can double-check which platform you're supposed to be at and what train you're catching, without having to rush around and feel panicked. You can stop for refreshments and bathroom breaks and get everything prepared for your journey.

This can also help if you're travelling with toddlers, as they may take a little while longer to get to the platform if they want to walk!

Travel at Off-Peak times

Travelling during the quieter periods means the train carriages will likely be less crowded. You'll benefit from additional space and your child can move around and play if they want to. This could be particularly important if your child needs to blow off some excess steam and doesn't want to stay seated for the entire journey.

Purchase your Off-Peak ticket today to avoid the busy commuter crowds. It's an ideal travel solution if you're flexible with your arrangements.

Reserve seats

Try to reserve seats where possible. Your child won't want to be stood up for the whole journey, as this will likely make them feel uncomfortable. By booking seats, you'll have more of a chance to relax and your child may even fall asleep.

Securing a table means you can easily bring toys and games to play with, keeping your child distracted. You can also enjoy food without making as much of a mess – having a surface to lay everything out on can make all the difference.

Buy a Railcard

If you regularly travel with your children, it's worth looking into the Family & Friends Railcard. You can get 1/3 off your train ticket, as well as 60% off for kids.

Having a family train travel card handy will help you make huge savings, especially if day trips by rail become a frequent occurrence. It's said that you can make an average saving of £150 per year.

Travel light

If you're travelling long distance, the last thing you want to be doing is towing large suitcases and rucksacks along with your children. Try to pack as light as you can where possible, only taking absolute necessities for the journey.

Consider using a backpack yourself to ensure your hands are kept free. That way, you can hold hands as you're walking through busy crowds, help the kids on and off the train, and assist with anything else they might need.

Do children travel free on trains?

Children under 5 travel for free on all Grand Central services. It's important to note that they will not have a seat reservation, so may have to sit on your knee if the train is busy. If you want to ensure they have their own seat, you will need to purchase a child ticket. However, if you're travelling during the quieter periods, this may not be necessary.

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 will need a child ticket, which is half the price of a standard adult ticket. Download the Grand Central app to book your tickets and keep them safe.

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