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Spring-clean your train travel habits

Train tracks in spring

How are your 2020 travel resolutions coming along? Hopefully you are moving along on the right track (no pun intended). But, if do you need a little spring refresher, then we have thought about some tips to help you organise your train travel more efficiently and potentially save money in the process. Read on to find out how…

Mix things up a little

If you are a creature of habit, then chances are, you always tend to book your tickets in the same way, at the same time. If this sounds like you, and you tend to wait until you arrive at the station on the day of travel to purchase your tickets, then you could be paying over the odds for your ticket. Buying Advance tickets could save you up to 84% compared against buying your ticket on the day of travel, so it’s well worth considering. We know it’s not always possible to plan train travel so far in advance, but if you do have set business trips or meetings coming up, then it’s always worth a try.

Create a travel time log

If you travel often, you might feel like you are constantly on the go and don’t get enough time to do other things in your life. Therefore, it’s important to step back and look at how efficiently you are travelling, to see if any improvements could be made. The first step you could take might be to create a travel time log. Keep a log of each journey you make, from the moment you leave your home or office to the moment you arrive at your destination. Then when you have enough travel dates logged, take a look at them and make a note of any re-occurring delays or issues. What were your 3 biggest time wasters? Perhaps, you spent 15 minutes trying to find a car park at the station? If so, next time why don’t you consider trying to get a lift with a friend or catching a bus, which would save you the hassle. Maybe you stood in the queue for a sandwich at the station café for a further 10 minutes? In that case, why not make a sandwich at home to take along with you, or wait until you reach the buffet service on the train?

Utilise the services available onboard

Did you know that free Wi-Fi is available on all Grand Central trains? This makes it easier to use your travel time wisely – preparing for meetings, replying to emails, booking your supermarket home delivery or relaxing with an eBook before you arrive into town for a busy day. Most of our trains also offer a food and drink service, where you can buy local, fresh food & drink from independent companies. Our buffet service offers fresh sandwiches, as well as snacks and freshly brewed coffee, to ensure you are well nourished on your journey.

Research your Railcard eligibility

Many people tend to assume that Railcards are only available for students or the over 60s, however there may be more options available than you think. Railcards are available for 16-25s, 26-30s and over 60s. Plus there is the Two Together Railcard if you travel frequently with another person, a Family & Friends Railcard, a Disabled Persons Railcard and a Network Railcard if you live in London or the South-East. You could save up to a third off ticket fares with a Railcard, so it’s well worth a bit of research. Check your eligibility for a Railcard here.

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