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How to wind down for Christmas

Relaxing at Christmas

You’ve ordered the turkey, written the cards, wrapped the presents, cleaned and decorated the house and circled your must-see programmes in the Radio Times. Phew! But has all that exertion left you feeling pooped and just a little bit…blah? Worry not – we have some ideas to keep your motivation high until the holidays commence!

Take in the special moments

It’s all too easy to run yourself ragged before Christmas. There’s so much to do that your only focus is getting it all done in time. And before you know it, it’s Christmas Day, you’re exhausted, and you haven’t actually taken any time to actually enjoy it! In the last week before Christmas, stop, take a breath and truly revel in this magical time of year. Whether it’s a carol service in the park, mince pies with the neighbours, a family trip to the panto or even just watching a Christmas movie on the sofa, you’ll be glad that you took some time to experience Christmas, instead of just preparing for it.

Don’t give up on your fitness regime

With all the general eating, drinking and being merry, for many of us, our exercise routine falls by the wayside. But if you stop exercising in the run up to Christmas, not only will it impact on your mental wellbeing, it will be so much harder when you attempt to return to it in gloomy January! So, instead of hanging up your gym kit for the whole of December, just make some tweaks to your usual routine. Think short blasts of exercise – a 30-minute HIIT session instead of your usual hour-long workout, or a faster 5k run instead of your standard 10k. Mixing up your workout routine not only helps keeps you motivated, but also improves your fitness!

Exercise is also a great mood and energy booster, especially when mixed with a dose of good old fresh air. Why not persuade a friend to come with you if you struggle to motivate yourself, or get the whole family out on an exhilarating wintry walk?

Book a new year trip

Nothing makes us feel pumped like making plans! If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your motivation pre-Christmas, planning a little break for the new year could be just the thing to pep you up. Do you fancy jumping on the train to London for an action-packed weekend with the family, maybe a city break in York with your best friend or a country retreat with your other half? Whatever you decide, seeing those train tickets for January stuck on the fridge will serve as a reminder of the fun that lies ahead in the new year!

Look after your insides

With the colder weather comes a plethora of bugs to dodge - nothing kills that Christmas spirit than a household of poorly people! In amongst the mince pies and tins of chocolates, make sure that you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet to keep those bugs at bay. Focus on immunity-boosting foods, such as oranges, peppers and tomatoes for Vitamin C; probiotic yogurt to replenish the good bacteria in your gut and bacteria-inhibiting cinnamon (mulled wine doesn’t count!).

December can be a tough month. But armed with our tips, you’ll be swinging into the festive season!

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