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Grand Central ticket types

Ticket Types

Grand Central ticket types

Knowing which train ticket to get for your journey can be confusing. Perhaps you're struggling to find an inexpensive fare at a time that best suits you, or you're worried you won't secure a seat for your long train ride.

So, let's look at the rules and regulations around the various types of train ticket that we offer here at Grand Central, ensuring that you know which ticket to choose for your journey.

Advance purchase

Advance tickets offer train travel on specified services, meaning you can't use your ticket on any other service. These tickets are non-refundable but can be changed to an alternative date or time if you pay a small admin fee.

This type of ticket is usually on sale for a lower price as it's a less flexible travel option. However, you'll always secure a seat reservation. The prices tend to fluctuate depending on how early you have booked your ticket, but these are usually available up to six months in advance of your desired journey date.

Off-Peak train ticket rules

Off-Peak tickets are a more flexible travel option, meaning you can journey on services outside peak time periods. The single/outbound fares will allow you to travel on specific dates, but the return leg of the journey can be made anytime within 30 days of your departure date.

This ticket type is generally more expensive, but they are fully refundable if your plans change and can be moved to an alternative date if need be. Passengers who opt for this ticket type usually benefit from quieter carriages, avoiding the busy commuter crowds.


Anytime tickets have similar rules to Off-Peak tickets, however, you can choose to travel on any service, including those scheduled during peak travel times. As the services tend to be busier and travel times are more flexible, this ticket price is usually more expensive.

Both Off-Peak and Anytime tickets allow the passenger to turn up without a reservation. These tickets are also referred to as Flexible or Walk-Up fares, so you may not be guaranteed a seat for the journey. It is your responsibility to check if you have a seat reservation and if not, you should request one if required.

What is a split ticket?

Third-party retailers commonly sell split tickets to help you secure a cheaper fare. They work by breaking down your journey into smaller legs, meaning you'll have an individual ticket for each of these legs.

You may find that breaking down your journey will reduce the cost of your train ticket. However, this is not always the case.

Passengers should be cautious when purchasing split tickets. As reservations may not always be included in your ticket, a single seat reservation for the entire journey may not be possible.

For instance, the ticket for the first leg of your journey could secure you a seat, but you may have to give up this seat on the next leg of your journey. This is due to the various types of ticket you may have obtained in the split ticketing purchase, as your tickets will be considered as separate journeys.

Grand Central app

We strongly advise that our customers book their train tickets via the Grand Central website or on our mobile app. We always offer competitive prices and we never charge any hidden booking fees. Plus, you'll automatically be offered a seat reservation when buying your ticket through us (subject to availability).

Download the Grand Central app today to receive the best prices and have easy access to your train tickets when you need them.

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