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Get on board the flexible future of train travel with the Grand Central Carnet

Grand Central Class 180 Adelante

WELCOME back everyone. It’s  been so good over the past few weeks to see the steady return of our passengers. We know that COVID has changed a lot of things since we welcomed you on board, not least the way you want to use the train.

We’re really starting to notice that you’re heading back on board for days out and holidays now. But one thing we’ve all got used to is working from home and it’s generally accepted that a weekly balance of home-working and office-based meetings is the future of the workplace for many.

Those patterns are recognised in the recent Williams-Shapps Review - a review of the UK’s rail industry which you may have heard a lot about in the news last week.

The Review announced the introduction of the Flexi Season ticket in response to pre-pandemic calls from rail passengers for more flexibility and value. The Flexi Season will offer commuters 16 journeys to be taken over a 28-day period and will, of course, be accepted on Grand Central trains.

It was also really good to realise that we, as an Open Access operator, are already in a great position to offer the flexibility you need as a business or leisure passenger. After all, getting you where you need to be for the important things in life is what we love to do.

Our Grand Central Carnet ticket is a fantastic way to easily pre-purchase 10 journeys for yourself or to head out with your friends or colleagues over six months of travel. It offers savings of up to 30 per cent on individual journeys, making it great for leisure or business journeys. But we know you’re longing to plan your summer travel and start meeting in person again so let’s have a reminder of why our GC Carnet is perfect for you:

  • Bags of time: That’s right. We give you six whole months to use your ten GC Carnet journeys and they’re valid between London and any destination along our West Riding or North East route.
  • Work AND play: While the new national Flexi Season is aimed firmly at the commuter, our GC Carnet is great for work and pleasure travel, with options for peak and off-peak services. That means you can plan your trip for our quieter services and make a larger saving, and choose between travelling First or standard class.
  • Fantastic value: At the end of the day it’s all about value for money. The GC Carnet offers you an average saving of 30 percent over your 10 journeys, compared to a saving of around 13 per cent from the new Flexi Season.
  • Bring a friend: You don’t have to travel alone. Any of your ten journey tickets can be given to someone else and used on the same trip or at another time. Just remember that we’re reservation-only right now so please book your seat before heading out.
  • Easy to buy: You can pick up the GC Carnet at any staffed ticket office, from business travel agents and via our dedicated Carnet sales team, who you can reach on 0345 603 4852 (select option 2 then option 2)  

We’d love to see more of you back on board Grand Central and we believe the GC Carnet is one of the best ways to enjoy a summer of easy flexible travel. See you soon.



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