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Avoiding Blue Monday

A busy train station

This Monday, 20th January, is Blue Monday, known as the most depressing day of the year. Great, I bet you can’t wait for that morning alarm bell to ring! Well, this year we are making a defiant stand against this statistical bad day and are going to do everything we can to make things that bit brighter…are you in with us?

Instead of being drawn into the doom and gloom of this notorious date during your morning commute, it’s time to make a stand and make it a good day for yourself and others around you.

Here are a few tips for small, but wonderful, things you can do on your morning commute to keep the morale high…

Notice the small things

If you are always in a rush – darting from your home to the train station and then over to the office – then chances are you are missing out on some marvellous things that you could otherwise be enjoying. This Monday set your alarm for fifteen minutes earlier than usual so that you have time to walk instead of running to the platform and notice some nature on the way. The robin bobbing his head to you in the tree, the squirrel who has found an acorn at the bottom of the bush or a plant whose flowers are getting ready to bud for spring. Just noticing these simple things can give you a new perspective for your day and bring you a surprise slice of joy.


Smiles are free, so let’s throw them as much as we can today of all days. You are bound to see hundreds of faces on your Monday morning commute, so offer a smile to as many people as you can and see how many of them smile back? Even if they don’t, then at least you’ve done your bit to try and make the blue day a bit warmer. It’s surprising just how much difference a smile can make to someone who may be feeling a bit down or tired out.  

Lend a hand

That lady struggling with her pram on the platform, the gentleman trying to get his bike onto the train, the child who dropped a glove while opening up their banana. If you would usually just watch these situations occurring in front of you, then up your game and offer some help to those in need. Chances are your gesture of goodwill will be met with huge thanks and relief. And, it will make you feel good too. Plus, you never know, after all, when you might need the favour returning yourself in the future.   

Change your soundtrack

Tend to listen to the same tracks each morning on your way to work? Why not switch things up and download something new? Maybe try a completely new genre that you haven’t listened to much at all in the past. Classical music is ultra-relaxing and documented to promote concentration and balance, while Motown music has a feel-good factor that might help to elevate your mood. Change is good, so try listening to something new and see how it makes you feel.

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