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10 great apps to download on the train

Man checking train times on Grand Central app

If you are one of the many commuters who use the train regularly to get from meeting to meeting, or office to office, then there is a good chance you will have a lot of spare time on your hands until your train gets into its destination station.

Hopefully, you will already have read our article on getting the most out of your train journey in terms of working effectively, but what about when all the work is done and you are still only mid-way through your journey?

If you find yourself with some free time and fancy checking out some of the latest and most helpful mobile apps to aid your lifestyle, then here is a brief round-up of ten that might benefit you in some shape or form.

Google Keep

Think of this as a digital set of Post-it notes stored on your phone. From shopping lists to brainstorm ideas or photos of cool accessories you’ve seen on your travels, Google Keep is a place to store everything in one unique hold.

Video recordings, written notes and imagery are all captured in an instant, so you never have to remember a thing! Plus, you can share with your friends and family in and instant to keep them in the loop, too.


If you are using your train journey to write emails, reports, presentations or press releases, then Grammarly is an app that will ensure your writing is concise and error-free. It’s a writing assistant that recognises spelling and grammar errors and gives instant recommendations for how to improve your text.

Download to Chrome for free and get corrections whether you are writing on Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn or Messenger.

Met Office

Travelling down south tomorrow and want to know what you should wear? Download the Met Office app for local weather forecasts and predicted rainfall so you are never caught short.

Check real time UK National Severe Weather Warnings on an interactive map, so you will know if your journey could be affected or delayed. You can even share forecasts with colleagues or family members to help with their plans, too.

Around Me

Staying over for business in a town you’ve never visited before? If so, then Around Me could be one of the best apps you’ve ever downloaded. From restaurants to petrol stations, hotels and banks, you can access local information for the place you are currently located in.

Once you have found the restaurant you want to eat at or the hotel you want to check-into, you can then use the app to find your way there using the handy navigation feature. Never feel like a stranger in a new town again.


Featuring hundreds of thousands of restaurants in over 1500 geographical locations around the world, OpenTable allows you to find, book and review restaurants at the click of a button.

From New York to Newcastle and Tokyo to Trafalgar Square, you can search for a range of British, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Indian restaurants in each area, so that you are bound to find one to suit your exact taste at that moment. Plus, the more you book, the more points you earn to spend against restaurant bills in the future.

Remember the milk

Another great organisational app for those on the go. Remember the milk is a great place to store things to remember and schedule them into a calendar so that you can be reminded nearer the time.

Create as many lists as you need to – ideas for work brainstorms, things to collect from town or plans for each day of the kids’ summer holidays. Plus, you can get your reminders sent by email, text, Twitter or Instant Messenger, so you will never be caught short of a deadline again.


If you like listening to a variety of music at different times in your life, then a Spotify account gives you all the flexibility you need. Whether you’re on a morning train to London and need some uplifting tunes to get you motivated or are travelling back up north via train on a Friday and want some chill out beats to ease you into the weekend, you can search millions of songs to find just the right track to suit your mood.

Get limited features for free with a basic account, or upgrade to a monthly fee for unlimited access to offline downloads and ad-free music at your leisure.


If you travel lots with work and are fed up of soul-less hotel rooms, then the Airbnb app might help you to find something a little more special within your allocated budget.

With properties all around the world, Airbnb connects people looking to rent out rooms, apartments or houses with those looking for somewhere to stay in a specific location and helps them to communicate with each other.

You can search available properties, write messages to the owners with questions about the accommodation and book directly using the secure payment platform.


In our digital world, we are faced with oodles of content every single hour of each day. So, what happens if you stumble upon an article but don’t have time to read it there and then? Simple, get the Pocket app.

The app enables you to save articles, videos and web pages from any webpage and curate the info within your own unique storage space.

Go back to read articles in more depth at a later time, even offline, and spend your train journey catching up with all your latest topics and features.


If money management is something you are not great at, or if you struggle to find time to set out a useful monthly budgeting plan, then Yolt might be a good solution for you.

Downloadable for free, Yolt helps you to allocate spending against different categories i.e. eating out or travel, set budgeting goals for specific areas of your life, and track your real-time spending against your goals.

Link up all of your accounts and credit cards in one place so you can keep all your financials running smoothly each month.

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