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No Grand Central service Saturday 29 February and Sunday 1 March - Click here for information

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NUS 25% student discount

Get 25% off Grand Central Advance train tickets today with your TOTUM card (formerly NUS extra).

You can even use it in conjunction with your Railcard, saving even more on top!

Remember, you can save each time you book your Grand Central Advance tickets with us - just make sure you book through to get your 25% discount.

Put your TOTUM ID in the "Railcard(s)/TOTUM" box when you use the "Buy tickets" box above, or sign up for an account to save your ID and automatically apply it to all future applicable bookings!

Things to remember

  • Use in conjunction with a Railcard for up to 50% off!
  • Discount is only available on Grand Central Advance tickets
  • If travelling in a group, only holders of the TOTUM/NUS Extra card are elligible to receive the NUS discount - multiple people can travel, but they'll all need their own card!


  • NUS discount terms and conditions
    • The 25% discount is available for Grand Central Advance train tickets only which are exclusively for use on Grand Central trains.
    • The discount is not available against other train company tickets or other fare types.
    • The Grand Central Advance train tickets will only be valid on the Grand Central network - the tickets will not be accepted by other train operators.
    • If part of your journey is with another operator then you must buy a valid ticket for that part of the route.
    • For details of the Grand Central network please visit:
    • Grand Central Advance train tickets are subject to availability.
    • Bookings with more than one Grand Central Advance train ticket will generate a 25% discount per ticket.
    • The 25% discount is valid only for holders of NUS extra cards. If several passengers wish to take advantage of the discount, they must all be in posession of valid NUS extra cards.
    • A valid NUS or Apprentice extra card number must be entered to be eligible for the discount.
    • Grand Central Rail do not take responsibility for loss of NUS, Graduate or Apprentice extra cards and no discount will be available without a valid card number regardless of circumstances.
    • The National Conditions of Travel apply for travel on all Grand Central trains, please see for details.
    • You must carry your NUS or Apprentice extra card with you on your journey and present it to rail staff on request.
    • Grand Central reserve the right to withdraw this offer or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
    • The 25% discount is not available in conjunction with any other Grand Central offer. Railcards may be used.