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Supplier site safety

Grand Central takes its responsibilities for the Health and Safety of its staff, customers and contractors to the highest level, which means we also expect the highest levels of Health and Safety approach from our suppliers.

For all site safety matters a supplier will be expected to respond to the following requests:

  • Arrangements the supplier has for supervising and managing the work, including the procedure for checking equipment and materials.
  • If a Supplier is using subcontractors it will need to demonstrate and provide evidence of the subcontractors competence prior to any works commencing.
  • The level of competence for subcontractors will depend on the risk and the complexity of the work.
  • You will need to provide details of your own recent health and safety performance, including examples of accidents and cases of ill health where the HSE has taken any action against you.
  • Provide a copy of your Health & Safety Policy and existing risk assessments done for similar jobs including Health & Safety information and training provided for your workers or site visitors.
  • Where required, a copy of your Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance.
  • Qualifications, skills and experience may be required to show competence in the proposed work type.
  • Members of a trade association or professional body.
  • When required, a Safety Method Statement for the job that, as a minimum, describes in a logical sequence exactly how a job is to be carried out in a safe manner and without risks to health. It should include all the risks identified in the risk assessment and the measures needed to control and deal with those risks.
  • The supplier's emergency procedures.

Communication is paramount. We expect all suppliers who are performing any works that require a safety Method Statement to methodically communicate with our nominated point of contact throughout the process, in addition to ensuring any employees are fully informed as required.