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Current Grand Central suppliers

We are keen to maintain and where possible improve our relationships with current suppliers. It is important that Grand Central provide you with clear and up to date information and we also ask that you communicate efficiently with us, so that we can keep things running smoothly. Our successful relationship requires cooperation and the ability to overcome challenging yet rewarding objectives, which will be influential in the growth of both parties involved.

Change of Supplier Details

We recognise that your (supplier) details will change over time. If you do change any details such as bank, telephone numbers or emails etc, then please contact [email protected]  Any commercial changes are verified through secondary contacts and independent security information.

These changes will not be finalised unless fully validated.

Change of Prices

There will be occasions where costs may change both up and down. Any changes to price MUST be agreed by Grand Central BEFORE they are implemented. Supporting information will be required and we require at least 3 months notification of price changes to allow for discussions/agreement to take place.

Unless a supplier notifies their Grand Central customer of a discrepancy of a Purchase Order price variance and obtains a corrected Purchase Order with a correct price then Grand Central will honour the original Purchase Order price only.

Please do not change an Invoice price unless the Purchase Order price is correct as this will cause a miss-match and the Invoice may be returned.

Change of Specification

Product alternatives may need to be substituted on occasion and although we want to avoid this if at all possible, we also need to be able to ensure changes can be accommodated where appropriate. Specification changes MUST be agreed by the Purchasing Department BEFORE they are implemented. If possible, we will request at least a month's notification of a specification/product change to allow for discussions/agreement to take place. and the possible cancellation of a request.

WARNING: Please do not deliver or invoice for a different or new service/product specification against an outdated Purchase Order.

Unless a supplier notifies their Grand Central customer of the changes to a Purchase Order specification/product and obtains a corrected Purchase Order with a correct specification/product then Grand Central may cancel the Purchase Order and seek damages.

New Opportunities

If you feel you have more to offer Grand Central in the way of goods or services then please contact [email protected]. Should our requirements change we can then use this information to identify you as a potential provider.