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Unveiling of portrait at Wakefield Kirkgate station for International Women’s Day

On Monday 9 March we unveiled the painting we commissioned through our charity partner Centrepoint to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Heart On Her Skin, by artist Andrea Tyrimos, is a stunning audio-visual portrait of ex-Centrepoint resident Catherine, whom the charity helped to escape an abusive lifestyle, and her continuing struggle with mental health problems.


The painting will remain on permanent display in the Grand Central Lounge at Wakefied Kirkgate station.

We  provided the travel tickets to allow Catherine to sit for the portrait and to see the final result at Andrea’s exhibition, Bipolar Picasso, in London in 2019.

Centrepoint provides housing and support for young people in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East and through partnerships all over the UK.

Its overall goal is to enable young people to live independently by building young people’s confidence, improving their health and providing training.

Catherine said: “The experience did feel a bit strange, but I knew it was for a cause so close to me and the other young people who desperately need the help, support and guidance that I once needed.

 “It was emotional and sometimes hearing everything back can be quite difficult but also motivational as I can see how far I have progressed.”

Grand Central’s chief operating officer Sean English said: “Securing the painting was a natural extension of partnership with Centrepoint and housing it at Wakefield Kirkgate means that many more people will continue to be inspired by Catherine’s story and the important work Centrepoint is doing..”

Chloe Sykes, Yorkshire senior fundraising officer for Centrepoint said: “The support of both Andrea and Grand Central Rail was critical in enabling Catherine to be a part of this project.

“We hope that this very powerful piece will highlight the impact homelessness can have on the mental health of young people and demonstrate to rail users from across the country how vital Centrepoint’s unique support is.”