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2020 train travel resolutions

You might have already set yourself some new year goals in terms of health, wellbeing and your career, but have you thought about any travel goals too? Chances are, the answer is no.

If you commute regularly for work or pleasure, then the likelihood is that you will spend a lot of time planning your journeys, buying train tickets and boarding trains. But, is there anything you could do to streamline the process and save precious minutes from the day?

Below we set out 5 simple resolutions to say to yourself. Just some very simple changes to your travel routine could make your daily commute and weekend travel more manageable, stress-free and cheaper in 2020.

I will plan my route effectively

Do you rarely plan your train itinerary and frequently find yourself at the station waiting around for onward connections? Are you so used to taking a certain route that you may not have even considered that there might be quicker alternatives that could help you save time? If either of these sounds familiar to you then now is the time to start planning your journeys more effectively. Check out our handy online train timetables for a start and see what options are available for your journey. If you can be flexible with departure times, you could end up saving precious time with direct trains to and from your destination rather than making multiple changes.

I will book my tickets in advance

We know that life is changeable and that sometimes last-minute travel is a must. However, for those frequent journeys or travel dates that are set in stone, you could benefit from fares of up to 84% off when you book Grand Central Advance tickets. Advance train tickets are available up to 12 weeks in advance, and are limited in number for each service, so get organised and book them as soon as you can to reap the benefits. 

I will try to find the most cost-effective ticket price

Travel costs can add up and end up taking a big chunk of your monthly budget. Therefore, if there is money to be saved on your train tickets, you should save it. From using your NUS student discount to cutting a third off your fares with a Railcard, there are many ways you can get cheaper train tickets, depending on your circumstances. Remember, sometimes it may be cheaper to buy two Single tickets instead of a Return ticket, so always compare your options.

I will try my best not to be in a rush at the station

Rushing around all the time is no good for anyone, let alone when you are about to commence a train journey. Try to always arrive at your departure station with at least 15 minutes of spare time before your train is due to leave. This will help you locate the platform, get your luggage sorted and even have time to pick up a drink and a healthy snack. If you need some tips on getting more organised for your journey, then check out our handy article to stop you from wasting precious time.

I will make the most out of my journey time 

Whether your journey is for business or pleasure, you can use your time effectively on the train to better your day. You can plan the agenda for a forthcoming meeting, make notes from your training session or prepare some interview questions for your new recruit. Similarly, you could download a new Podcast, read some pages from your Kindle or make a shopping list with recipe ideas for next week’s lunches and dinners.

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