Grand Central offers greater rewards for frequent train travellers

Frequent train travellers using Grand Central Railway are being given extra ways to save money. Grand Central Railway has introduced a new and improved carnet.

This is a book of 10 tickets, easy to use, with savings of 25% or more on usual ticket prices.

Carnets can be bought in advance and are ideal for those who travel by train regularly.   Each ticket is for use on one single journey only.  This can be to or from any Grand Central destination.

Carnets are likely to appeal to those who make frequent journeys to the same destination, such as London, and are likely to appeal to business travellers, families and even students.

The cheapest carnet is a book of 10 tickets costing £300.  Each ticket is valued at £30, meaning that a return journey from Sunderland to London or from Bradford to London using carnet tickets would cost £60.   At that price it makes travel with Grand Central a viable option compared to travelling by car.   Carnets are also a good idea for those who may have to make last minute trips, without the worry of paying last minute higher prices, as is the case with many train operators. 

The new carnet also includes a version for children aged between 5 and 15.  A child carnet is half the price of an adult carnet.

Passengers can choose between ‘off- peak’ tickets, which are the cheapest option or they can buy a carnet of ‘anytime’ tickets which cost a bit more.   Similarly they can choose between a carnet of Standard or First Class tickets.

The main requirements are that passengers have to use the carnet within six months of purchase, and they have to travel between any two points on the Grand Central Sunderland to London route or Bradford to London route without breaking their journey.

“Our latest ticket type is a means by which we can actually reward loyalty, so that the more you buy the more you save” says Grand Central Managing Director, Tom Clift.

Grand Central operates 4 return services per day between Sunderland and London, and 3 return services per day between Bradford and London.  Grand Central Railway is known as an open access operator meaning it does not run within a set franchise period, and is generally considered to offer some of the more affordable tickets of any train operator in Britain. 

Carnets can be bought over the phone by calling 0845 603 4852 or bought online at For more information and prices, email

Issued on behalf of Grand Central Railway Ltd by Phil Bustard & Suzanne Gill at Forte Public Relations Ltd. Mobile 07891 219715 or 07805 944713.

Notes for Editors

  • Each ticket is for use on one single journey only, to or from any Grand Centraldestination along the same route.
  • Travel is permitted on Grand Central services in either direction on the North Eastern route between Sunderland, Hartlepool, Eaglescliffe, Northallerton, Thirsk, York and London Kings Cross and in either direction on the West Yorkshire route between Bradford Interchange, Halifax, Brighouse, Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontefract Monkhill, Doncaster and London Kings Cross.
  • Prices:  Standard Class Off-Peak: £300, Standard Class Anytime £500, First Anytime £900, First Off-Peak £500.
  • A supplement will be charged if passengers travel on a Grand Central service where their ticket is not valid, or where they travel in a class of travel not on their ticket.
  • Passengers may not break and resume their journey using a single carnet ticket.
  • Individual tickets may not be transferred or used by more than one passenger. However, a carnet book can be used by anyone, including more than one person at the same time (e.g. for group travel).
  • An undated ticket is not valid and will not be accepted.
  • Carnet tickets are valid for use within six months of purchase.
  • Reservations are not compulsory with carnet tickets, but may be available.
  • Children’s carnets are half the price of adult carnets.
  • No railcard discounts are available.
  • No refunds are available for lost or unused tickets or carnets.
  • All carnet tickets are subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel.