To help make your journey easier, we have dedicated space available on board for your luggage.

Luggage racks are provided at the end of each carriage for storing large items of luggage. Extra luggage space is provided behind seats and in overhead racks.

Folding bicycles can be carried as regular luggage - for regular bicycles, please see our page on bike reservations.

Customers may take up to three items of personal luggage free of charge, this includes two large items (such as suitcases or rucksacks) and one item of smaller hand luggage (such as a briefcase). We strongly recommend that customers travel as light as possible. During weekends our services can be very busy, and space is limited.

Softer bags such as rucksacks and duffles can also be stored underneath your seat.

Excess luggage and certain more bulky items may be carried, subject to available space.

All luggage is carried in accordance with the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Luggage spaces on Grand Central trains

Our fleet consists of Class 180 Adelante trains, which feature a number of spaces for luggage stowage. You can view diagrams of our trains, including luggage spaces at our seating plan.

Overhead storage

Overhead -luggage

Overhead storage is available throughout the train in every carriage, suitable for storing small luggage items. These are approximately 19cm tall by 33cm deep, with a curved profile.

Luggage racks

Standard -class -luggage

Luggage racks are available at the ends of each carriage and are suitable for large suitcases and other items. These are approximately 54cm wide and 60cm deep. First Class (Coach E) features two, slightly larger and deeper racks.

Buggy storage

Buggy -storage

Buggies, prams and other foldable items can be stored by the doors in Coach F, behind the bars.

Between/behind seats

Some seats feature spaces behind them, or between them and the saloon wall, which may be used for storing luggage.

Wheelchair spaces

Coaches E and F contain large spaces at the end of the carriage. These spaces are not to be used for luggage and must be kept clear at all times for wheelchair users. The buggy-storage area is shown to the left of this image.

Wheelchair -buggy -area