What are Grand Central e-tickets?

E-ticketing from Grand Central

How e-ticketing options are displayed

With our e-tickets, you can now buy, display and use some tickets on your mobile device - there's no need to print them out, have them delivered or queue at the train station any more.

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E-tickets are now available for all Grand Central fares.

How to use Grand Central e-tickets

  1. When buying your tickets, choose "e-ticket" as your delivery option.
  2. Your tickets will be sent to you as PDF attachments via email - alternatively they can be added to your Apple Wallet.
  3. You can either print these off and display them on paper, or show them on your mobile device when requested.

Things to remember

  • E-tickets are available on all Grand Central fares
  • If displaying your ticket digitally, ensure that your device has enough charge for the duration of your journey - Grand Central trains offer charging points at seats but cannot guarantee availability.
  • You will require a PDF reader in order to open and print the tickets on your computer, such as the free Adobe Reader. Most web browsers will also display PDF files.
  • You can buy e-tickets for friends and family - there are no name restrictions or requirements
  • If you need to change or amend your booking, you will need to contact our bookings support team on 0371 244 0216.