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Standalone QTT

Adrian Craig

Ambassador at Eaglescliffe

Adrian Craig

"You get a couple of old people with heavy cases and they’re very appreciative of your help"

For Adrian Craig, from Billingham, being a Grand Central ambassador is a great way to combine a passion for the railways with helping his local community. A data conciliation expert by day, Adrian has been volunteering on a Sunday at Eaglescliffe since early 2019.

He’ll arrive around 9.30am and check in with control and ticket office before making sure the platforms are clean and tidy and the information boards are correct. “Having the likes of the ambassadors on the platform helps people who don’t travel that often,” says Andrew, “it’s having a friendly face who can point them in the right direction.”

The ambassadors’ presence “makes a real difference”, Adrian says, “you might get a couple of old people with heavy cases or young people with prams and buggies.” Overall, he adds, “it’s just great fun, working with great people.”