Visit Mike Pannett's Yorkshire with Grand Central

Visit Mike Pannett 's Yorkshire With Grand Central

Grand Central’s favourite author, Mike Pannett has been travelling regularly between London and North Yorkshire recently, launching his fantastic fourth book, Just the Job, Lad.

Mike's latest books are set in and around the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside, and he's passionate about sharing his love of the county.

For a great place to start when planning a trip to York and North Yorkshire, check out the top ten places in Mike Pannett’s Yorkshire.

Mike was born in York, and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1988. He became one of the youngest officers to be given his own patch, and served on the Divisional Crime Squad, Murder Squad and TSG (Riot Police).

Mike returned to North Yorkshire in 1997 as he missed the countryside.  He became a rural beat officer and eventually, a wildlife officer and was inspired to write about his adventures. Mike travels between his home in North Yorkshire and London on Grand Central trains regularly, as he is often featured as a spokesperson on radio and television.

Visit Mike Pannett’s Yorkshire with Grand Central Railway from as little as £12 from London.

Buy Just the Job, Lad online. You can also read an extract of his lastest book here.