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Trax the Tiger

Hello from Trax the Tiger! He loves travelling on Grand Central trains. 

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Children's fares 

Children aged between 5 and 15 will be charged half the adult fare on Grand Central trains. If you have children under the age of 5, travel is free.

Some fun facts

  • The world’s largest railway station is Grand Central Station in New York, USA. It has 44 platforms!
  • Grand Central’s trains travel as far as the moon and back over 525 times every year
  • One of our trains weighs as much as 50 elephants
  • Our trains have a top speed of 125mph and it would take a train going this fast over a mile and a half to stop
  • In 1985, a high speed train broke the world record for a train carrying passengers when it reached 144mph
  • Every week, our trains use around 112,000 litres of fuel. That’s enough to fill up the fuel tanks of 4,000 Minis!

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