Book in advance and save up to 86%*

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Cheap Advance train tickets

Get huge savings on Grand Central journeys to London Kings Cross. Save up to 86%* with a Standard Advance Single with Grand Central, when compared to a Standard Anytime Sinlge ticket with any other train company. 

Plus, save even more with no booking fees, FREE Wi-Fi and plenty of legroom as standard on all Grand Central trains. 

Get tickets today by using our interactive train timetable, or by using the orange panel to the left. 

Remember, Advance tickets are available up to 12 weeks before travel and are subject to availability, so book early to get the best deals. 

So, start feeling grand now by searching for cheap train tickets for the perfect trip now using the 'Find your train' panel to the left of this page.

*Applies to Grand Central journeys to London Kings Cross. Average saving calculated by comparing the Advance standard single ticket price to the equivalent price of an Anytime standard single ticket, travelling with any operator.