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Password FAQs

When you register with us we ask you to choose a password to protect your account. Your password can be used to access your account - for example to see previous bookings and access your preferences.

Passwords must be between 7 and 10 characters long, and cannot include apostrophe or < > characters.

I've forgotten my password, can you send me a reminder?

For your security we store your password using irreversible encryption, so unfortunately we cannot send you a copy of it if you forget it. However, we can generate you a new temporary passward to allow you to login and choose a new password.

Please click here and enter the email address you registered with and we'll send you a temporary password or you can the 'forgotten password' link from our homepage.

Why can't I choose a password longer than 10 characters?

At present some of our systems do not allow passwords longer than 10 characters, hence we require you to choose a password no longer than 10 characters in length.

Why cannot I not use apostrophe and <> characters in my password?

We use security systems to protect against malicious attacks on our systems. These systems can interpret certain sequences of characters as malicious activity, hence to avoid false alarms we do not allow certain characters in our passwords.

I think someone has hacked into my account, what should I do?

You should change your password to a new one.

To access your account someone would have needed to either know your email address and password, used a device where you were logged in, or used a device where you had saved your email address and password. If you are using a public computer ensure that you logout after using our website. We recommend that you set a PIN or password lock on any mobile phone where you have stored your details in case it is lost or stolen.

I think someone has hacked into my account and used my stored credit cards.

Even with access to your account it is not possible to recall the full credit card number(s) that you have stored with us, only the last 4 digits.

To make a purchase you still require the 3 or 4 digit card security code - hence it is not possible to make a purchase on your card with access to your account alone.

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What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is an additional security measure introduced by Visa in association with some card issuers, which we have chosen to participate in to further protect you from unauthorised card use when shopping online.

During shopping with us you may be asked by your bank whether you would like to enrol in Verified by Visa. If you are already enrolled in Verified by Visa you may be asked to enter your verification details.To find out more about this service please visit

Please note that the links above are to external sites. Visa is responsible for the content of these sites.

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Why is my credit/debit card being rejected?

There are a number of reasons why your payment request may have been rejected. We suggest checking all of the following:

  • To ensure you are protected from unknown use of your card we employ a number of identity verification techniques. To ensure we are verifying the correct details please can you ensure the address your card issuer holds for your account matches the details we have for you.
  • Sometimes the obvious is overlooked; check that the card has not expired and that the card number was input correctly.
  • Check that the correct card type was selected and that it is a card type we accept (e.g. MasterCard, Visa etc).
  • Your payment request may have been declined by your card issuer.
  • In certain instances your card issuer may not permit your particular card to be used when you are not physically present.Unfortunately, this card type will not be accepted on ours or any internet site.
  • Many card issuers are now adopting Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securecode internet verification systems. Your card issuer may be one of them.
  • You may already be enrolled in the scheme, having previously registered. Please ensure you are entering the correct details when prompted.
  • Your card issuer may have stipulated that you enroll in the scheme before you can continue with the booking. In cases like this please follow the onscreen instructions.
  • If you are interested in finding out more about the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Securecode schemes please visit the following or If you have checked that you comply with all of the above suggestions and continue to experience difficulties with payments, we suggest contacting your card issuer.

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What is Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard SecureCode is an additional security measure introduced by Mastercard in association with some card issuers, which further protects unauthorised use of your card while shopping online.

During shopping with us you may be asked by your bank whether you would like to enrol in Mastercard Securecode. If you are already enrolled in Mastercard Securecode you may be asked to enter your verification details.

To find out more about this service please visit

Please note that the links above are to external sites. Mastercard is responsible for the content of these sites.

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How do I pay online with a maestro card?

Not all maestro cards have an issue number.

  • If the main number of your Maestro card has 16 digits, there is not an issue number.
  • If this number is more than 16 digits, there will be an issue number on the front of the card, near the expiry date. It will simply say 'issue' followed by a one or two digit numbers.
  • If there is not an issue number, you will need to provide the ‘start date’ instead. All maestro payments will require one or the other.

To complete your payment online, you will also need to provide the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card.

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Are my card details secure when making a payment on your site?

When making payment on our website you can be assured that your debit/credit card details are secure and protected.We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This technology encrypts your card details and stops anyone else accessing them. SSL is recognised as a secure method of online payment.

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What Debit/Credit cards can be used?

We accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Maestro cards.Our booking systems cannot accept Solo cards.

As we are an online retailer we do not accept cash.

Please note: If you are collecting tickets from a Self Service Ticket Machine only standard shaped cards are accepted. Non-standard cards such as Mint and American Express cannot. In such cases please speak to a member of Travel Centre/Ticket Office staff who will be able to assist.

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How do I edit my personal details on your site?

You can change your personal details by visiting the My Account section of the site, and clicking "Update personal details".

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update". You will also need to confirm that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions in order to proceed with the changes.

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Where can I access My Account?

To access My Account please click here.

You can also access My Account while navigating through any of the timetable or booking pages.

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Why is my UK address not recognised?

Your postcode may not be registered with the Royal Mail address database. To search or register your address please go to the postcode finder application on the Royal Mail web site.

To make a train booking your address will need to be manually updated on our system. This can be done by e-mailing your address to our web support team by visiting the Contact us page, or by calling 0345 603 4852.

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How do I report a problem with the website?

If you're having difficulty using the web site, please first check:

Do you have similar problems on other sites? If so, you may want to discuss the problems with a computer expert.

Are there any problems with your internet provider (i.e. talktalk, Orange, Virgin etc.)? If you are having trouble with loading of pages, you may want to contact the internet provider and explain the trouble you are having.

Have you recently installed a new firewall on your PC? Some firewall settings restrict your ability to access certain pages (payment page and others). Adjusting the settings of the system may remove these restrictions.

Are you using a browser we support (e.g. Internet Explorer or FireFox)? Certain browsers, including Apple's Safari, have had issues with sections of our site which we are looking to correct.

Have you changed the security or cookie settings on your browser? You may want to restore the security and cookie settings to the factory settings and try again.

If you have run through this quick checklist and you are still having problems then either email the details to our customer support team using the Contact us section or call 0345 603 4852.

To help us quickly identify the cause of the problem, please provide as much detail as you can. Things that really help us are recording the:.

Time/date of fault.
Exact error message displayed on the computer.
What page did the message occur on (home page, payment page etc.)
The journey details you entered if the error occurred during the booking process.
A screen print of the fault. The button for this tool is usually found on the upper right hand side of the keyboard. Click the 'Print Screen' button (sometimes abbreviated 'PrtScn') and then use the paste function (Ctrl + V) in the body of the email, to load the image.

We will send this information onto one of our system support experts who will investigate the problem and respond to you as quickly as possible.

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