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How do I report a problem with the website?

If you're having difficulty using the web site, please first check:

Do you have similar problems on other sites? If so, you may want to discuss the problems with a computer expert.

Are there any problems with your internet provider (i.e. talktalk, Orange, Virgin etc.)? If you are having trouble with loading of pages, you may want to contact the internet provider and explain the trouble you are having.

Have you recently installed a new firewall on your PC? Some firewall settings restrict your ability to access certain pages (payment page and others). Adjusting the settings of the system may remove these restrictions.

Are you using a browser we support (e.g. Internet Explorer or FireFox)? Certain browsers, including Apple's Safari, have had issues with sections of our site which we are looking to correct.

Have you changed the security or cookie settings on your browser? You may want to restore the security and cookie settings to the factory settings and try again.

If you have run through this quick checklist and you are still having problems then either email the details to our customer support team using the Contact us section or call 0345 603 4852.

To help us quickly identify the cause of the problem, please provide as much detail as you can. Things that really help us are recording the:.

Time/date of fault.
Exact error message displayed on the computer.
What page did the message occur on (home page, payment page etc.)
The journey details you entered if the error occurred during the booking process.
A screen print of the fault. The button for this tool is usually found on the upper right hand side of the keyboard. Click the 'Print Screen' button (sometimes abbreviated 'PrtScn') and then use the paste function (Ctrl + V) in the body of the email, to load the image.

We will send this information onto one of our system support experts who will investigate the problem and respond to you as quickly as possible.

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How do I use an e-ticket?

E-tickets need to be printed at home before you travel. On Grand Central and CrossCountry Advance purchase tickets you will be presented with this delivery option.
Once you have selected it please ensure the e-mail address you have supplied is correct and continue with your booking.

We will ask you to provide the name of the lead passenger if travelling in a group or the passengers name along with a selected form of ID in the booking process. Please ensure that the selected form of ID is brought along with the printed e-ticket on your journey.

Once you have paid for your tickets we will send you a confirmation e-mail. You will then receive a second e-mail containing a link to download your e-ticket. Once you have downloaded the e-ticket this needs to be printed.

To get the e-ticket you will need:

  • A printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Five things to know about Print Your Own e-tickets

Important information to know about Print Your Own e-tickets:

  1. You will need a computer with access to a printer. Station staff are unable to print these tickets for you and you are not able to collect these from the self-service ticket machines in the station.
  2. You can either print the ticket from the link in the second e-mail you receive from us or you can log into your My Account area.
  3. E-tickets are non-refundable and you are not able to amend journey details.
  4. If you are travelling together as a group the person who purchased the tickets name will appear on all of the tickets. They will need their nominated form of ID for these to be valid.
  5. If you are not travelling together, you will need to nominate traveller names and forms of ID on the 'Delivery options' page for each ticket. Each traveller will need their nominated form of ID for the tickets to be valid.

Tickets will be available from a link e-mailed to you to print two hours after booking. Note that the first e-mail you receive is your booking confirmation e-mail and is not valid for travel.

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How do I print the e-ticket from ‘My Account’?

Tickets can be printed at any time up until the time of departure by following these easy steps:

  • My Account
  • Click on "View tickets". This page will show you all of the tickets you have available for printing. Click on the check box of the ticket you want to open and click on the "Open Selected Ticket(s)" button.
  • The ticket will open in a separate window.
  • You can either print the ticket or save it. To print the ticket press CONTROL and P. To save the PDF file, click on "File" and then "Save As", or click on the "Save" icon in the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar.
  • If you're printing your ticket you just need a standard inkjet or laser printer (black and white or colour) and please remember that all tickets are printed as singles, so you will require one ticket per leg per person. ie. if you have booked a return journey you will need 2 ticket for each person: one for the outward journey and one for the return journey.
  • If the ticket does not appear in your "My Account" section, it is possible that the ticket may not have been booked. If this is the case and you have been charged for the ticket, please call our support team on 0371 244 0216.

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What sort of printer do I need to print an e-ticket?

A standard inkjet or laser printer will be fine.

Please remember to ensure the ticket is printed and sized to A4 paper and is printed in a standard mode i.e. not draft.

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What do I need to print an e-ticket?

To print an e- ticket you need a printer, Adobe Acrobat Reader and A4 sized paper.
Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site at

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I've bought a ticket and selected Print Your Own e-ticket, how do I print it?

When you've completed your ticket purchase, we will send you two e-mails.

  • The first e-mail is a booking confirmation and will arrive immediately after your transaction is complete. It is not your ticket and will NOT be accepted as a valid ticket.
  • The second e-mail will arrive shortly after booking and will contain a link which will allow you to download and print. Open this e-mail from a computer you wish to print from. Select the link in the e-mail and then select print.

Remember you will need to carry the form of identification selected during the booking process with you when you travel.

Note that you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view and print your ticket. This is available free of charge by downloading from Adobe.

If you lose your e-mail you can view it again by visiting My Account.


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What do I do if I have lost the ticket that I printed myself - my Print Your Own e-ticket?

If you misplace the printed copy of your ticket, go to My Account and print another copy.

Remember you will need to bring the form of identification chosen during the booking process with you when travelling.

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I’m having trouble printing my e-ticket?

Your tickets are generated as a PDF document in a separate browser window. Sometimes the ticket can be ‘blocked’ or not generate. In most cases the problem can be resolved by doing one of the following:

  • The speed of your network connection may mean the tickets take some time to generate. Try leaving it for a while to see if the ticket appears.
  • Turn-off any pop-up blocker that may be installed on your web browser: The tickets open in a separate window. A pop up blocker may prevent this from happening.
  • Clear the cache on your web browser:
  • Internet Explorer users click Tools > Internet Options. Under “Temporary Internet Files” click on the “Delete files” button. 
  • Mozilla Firefox users press Control, Shift, Delete, select “Cache” and click on “Clear Private Data Now”.
  • Add our site to your “Trusted sites”
  • Internet Explorer users click Internet Options, click on the Security tab, select Trusted Sites & add the site to your Trusted Sites zone.

If you’ve already bought your ticket you can try printing it out again by logging into “My Account”.

Note - your system may be different than the scenarios described; confirm your system requirements and specifications before proceeding. Please read the Print Your Own e-Ticket Terms and Conditions for further details.

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